Tres Amigos

MERRY CHRISTMAS Alright most insane week of my life hahahh but lots of exciting things to write about! Trio life? Alright first of all I'm in a trio now!! My darling darling little warrior best friend Sister Kettle was very very sick and had to come home. It broke my heart. But I know she... Continue Reading →

Love Emailing

I love you all, but emailing can be tough. Creating subject lines is even harder. I don't hate reading emails though, I love that so keep it coming. Also this one is going to be shorter because we have ZONE ACTIVITY in Brandon so I will be leaving soon. It'll be fun. We will be... Continue Reading →

Wacky Week

Hi everyone This week has been insane. But one of the really really incredible things that happened this week was that our mission was visited by Elder Renlund and Elder Bowen from the 70. Wow the spirit was so strong in that meeting. I received so many answers to prayers. It was such a blessing.... Continue Reading →

USF forever 🤘

Hello Family!!! What a beautiful week here in TAMPA. YSAAAAAAAA YES!!!! I'm so happy to be here. It has been an insane week though. MONDAY: Found out I will be back in YSA, FOUND OUT SISTER KETTLE IS ALSO IN YSA. So happy. Packed my bags, said goodbye to some of my loves in Palm... Continue Reading →

Oh my, you will never believe it…

I am dying family, Hahahahaha. I AM IN SHOCK. we got transfer calls today........ hahahahhah I AM GOING BACK TO YSA. CAN YOU BELIEVE??????? Campus life for ever!!!! I will also be training a new missionary hahahhah in a new area and I'll be the brandon stl again!!! I'm soooo excited. This is so unexpected... Continue Reading →

Time & Life

Heyyyyyyooooo This week really is kind of freaking me out because it was Monday yesterday and time is going by wayyyy too fast. I promise tomorrow I'll be like 80 years old and I will just be so confused. This week is Thanksgiving?????? Like how? I still feel like I just arrived in the mission.... Continue Reading →


HELLO EVERYONE. Alma 26:16 16 Therefore, let us glory, yea, we will glory in the Lord; yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praise our God forever. Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercy,... Continue Reading →

Randomest Week

START OFF THE EMAIL WITH A BANG. Miracle referral (after a dry season) we have not met yet but sounds amazing. This man just returned from a business trip in St.George, Utah where he happened to stay in the Marriott hotel. He saw the Book of Mormon and started reading it. Then went down stairs... Continue Reading →


This email is about to be real. This week was the pits. It started Tuesday. When we lost every single person we were teaching and every person who had interest. EVERYONE. And I kid you not we tried just about everything we could to find someone to share this beautiful gospel with. We rode our... Continue Reading →

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