The Florida Tampa Mission

Words cannot express how I feel about my mission. Holy cow. They cannot! I have learned so much, I have changed so much! And I am so happy about it. It scares me to think about what my life would've been like without my mission. Honestly having a hard time writing this email because words... Continue Reading →

Bye Pizza Rolls

Hi Friends, I don't have much to say because this week was literally 2 minutes long. Where is the time going?? We had my last zone conference which was awesome. I got to bear my testimony and it was sad but I'm grateful for the opportunity that I had to share what I've learned in... Continue Reading →

Miracle Week

HELLO ALL. This week was a week of miracles!!! Words can't even begin to express how I feel. I will just tell you of a few. Tom: Our first miracle of the week is named Tom. Tom called us last sunday looking for the elders. He said that he had some questions about the Book... Continue Reading →

Back At It!

WELCOME TO THE WORLD BABY JORDAN!!!! he is soooo dang cute and I am so happy he is here and I can't wait to hold him and love him. HEAVEN BLESS THE STUDENTS ARE BACK. Happy days. Also heaven bless transfer calls came and sister Nestman and I will be staying together!!! YSA foreverrrrrr. Honestly,... Continue Reading →

Tres Amigos

MERRY CHRISTMAS Alright most insane week of my life hahahh but lots of exciting things to write about! Trio life? Alright first of all I'm in a trio now!! My darling darling little warrior best friend Sister Kettle was very very sick and had to come home. It broke my heart. But I know she... Continue Reading →

Love Emailing

I love you all, but emailing can be tough. Creating subject lines is even harder. I don't hate reading emails though, I love that so keep it coming. Also this one is going to be shorter because we have ZONE ACTIVITY in Brandon so I will be leaving soon. It'll be fun. We will be... Continue Reading →

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