Hurricane Michael

First of all I want to say how sad I am to hear about Grandma Billings. I love that women. I will miss her hugs and her sense of humor. I love her and will miss her. I hope you all are doing okay. What a blessing to have the knowledge that we will see... Continue Reading →


Heyyyyyy guys Just had the funniest pest control guy knock on our door. He had a empty mustard bottle filled with white powder and just walked around our apartment spraying stuff hahaha honestly probably was a joke. So funny. He was also so confused about why we had no furniture hahah. Anyway WOW. What a... Continue Reading →


HELLLOOO THEREEEE. Happy october yay!!! I love october, its my 2nd favorite month. Right behind May, which is the best for obvious reasons (me being born). Anyway wow, what a week. Where to begin?? This was a good week. I am happy to be a missionary. Life is just so good. I'm so blessed. We... Continue Reading →

Cricket Noise

Hello hello hello Not gonna lie not much happened this week. Hense the name of the email. Pretty quiet over here. Super exhausting week too. We have been out in the heat all week working our little tails off to try and find some people to teach. Most of the people we are currently teaching... Continue Reading →


Hi Family! What a crazy week. I don't even know where to begin. Sorry for taking so long too, we had zone activity day! We played frisbee golf. This week we had zone conference and MLC with Elder and Sister Stanfill from the 70. He talked a lot about prayer in our conference and how... Continue Reading →

Greek Life

Hi Family, This was a good week. GOOD GOOD GOOD. Its so hard to remember the things that happen. Time is flying by and its freaking me out. Sister Bingham and I have been going crazy because there are so many greeks here and everything is like in greek and there is greek flags and... Continue Reading →

Palm Harbor 😍

Hello everybody!!!!! "This is so exciting!!" Chris and nick should know Holy cow I love my new area! This week has been so so so much fun. It was hard to leave Gibsonia and the people there, that place truly became my home. But its been fun to explore and to have a new place... Continue Reading →

So long Lakeland πŸ’™

WOW!!!!!! What a fantastic week. Sadly, it is my last week in Gibsonia. Wow this place has changed me. I am forever grateful for all the people I met, the experiences I had, and the things I've learned. Its going to be hard to leave this place and these people. Im going to miss it......... Continue Reading →

True Floridians

This week a member who is a born and raised Floridan told us we look like Floridians so I guess its official. I hate august. I have never been so flipping hot in my life I am literally melting. If i can make it to October I can conquer the world. Just about every person... Continue Reading →

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