Hi Fam, This was a good week. lots of exciting things are happening here in the GIBSONIA WARD!!! we have some exciting people we are working with and everytime I get to share the gospel with them it just brings me so much happiness. God is too good. Few hilarious things this week: Eyebrows: I... Continue Reading →

20 Year and Mothers Day!

Hi fam, I just love you all so much. It was so fun to Skype with you all yesterday, ah love ya guys. My birthday was awesome. The ward was so loving and just so sweet. We had a ward party on my birthday and they all sang to me and they were just so... Continue Reading →

May is The Month!

Hi Familia, How is everything going?? Everything here is good. This week has been loco but so fun. Took sister Bennett home. That day was crazy i think i had more butterflies than she did I don't know why it was just so crazy and now she's just poof gone. So weird. We miss her... Continue Reading →

Miracle Week

Hi Family!!!! Okay forewarning i am really not in the mood to email so all my emails may be way lame today. Im sorry but you cannot blame me. WE JUST GOT TRANSFER CALLS. Whats going to happen this transfer you may ask???? Well i am staying in Gibsonia with SISTER KETTLE!!!! Woot woot so... Continue Reading →

Pig Roasting

HOLA FAMILY This week was fun. Well.......... My hair is just above my collar bone and brown now........ soooooooo Hahahha just kidding. Hair looks okay. 2 super fun things this week. We had a wayyy fun ward party. The Gibsonia ward lives for their spring festival. A ton of members bring their friends and so... Continue Reading →


My Fammmmmm Hello. This week is seriously all a blur and I don't really know what happened. But I will try to do my best to update you. We had zone conference this week and it went really well. It was all about teaching and finding. Two kind of important things in missionary work ;)... Continue Reading →

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