Spreadin the good word?

HELLO LOVES This was a fun week but I can't remember much but all week I've just felt like something exciting is going to happen. Like the feeling you get before summer starts. I'm happy. One cool miracle this week. As we were planning out our day we were looking at our map and deciding... Continue Reading →

Pilot Mission ✈✈

HELLO FAMILY!!!! I know the suspense is just killing you.... about transfers....... SOOPRISE SOOPRISE SOOPRISE. IM STILL IN GIBSONIA WITH SISTER REDD!!! Hahah you all guessed it! Round 5 here in Lakeland. But I'm excited this will be a good transfer. As serving in one area for 7.5 months can be somewhat of a challenge... Continue Reading →

White legs, freckly arms

Hello hello hello all!!!!!!! This week is transfers but they are telling us tomorrow again... sooooo another week on the edge of your seats ladies and gents. I am excited. I think something weird will happen this transfer. We will seee.... This week was kind of weird, i feel like nothing happened but at the... Continue Reading →

A Delightful Week

In George Orwell's book titled 1984. He told the story of big brother and one thing big brother did was take away many many words from the dictionary. OKAY YOU WERE RIGHT ORWELL WELCOME TO 2018. The government didn't take the words away but we did. This week sister Redd and I realized we use... Continue Reading →


Hola Honestly do not feel like emailing today. SUE ME. So this will probably be brief but that doesn't mean i love all of you any less. So with that. It was a good week. We had a 4th of July party I LOVE AMERICA. Seriously coolest place and sometimes i hear its going down... Continue Reading →

Yay America!

SADLY. I do not have much time today because we have a zone activity. Its going to be really fun. We are going to have a little 4th of July BBQ, play some spike ball, then go see some gators!!! I'm excited. It was a way good week. Very busy. We had specialized missionary training... Continue Reading →

Florida Love

Hi fam it has been a really really great week. I realized that I don't share enough miracles with you all. This work is SO EXCITING. And so fun but i feel like I don't tell you about all the little or big miracles as often as I should. So I'm trying to work on... Continue Reading →

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