Greenie Missionary – Week 1 in the MTC

HEY FAM!!!! Miss you guys sooo much. This is gonna be a long email cause I’m gonna give you the down low. Or is it down load….?

First of all I wanna say thanks for being the best FAM and for sending me so many Dear Elders, and thanks mom for the TWO packages. You get them at meal times and I promise I felt like Harry potter when he receives his nimbus  2000 and everyone is jealous of him. I had the most mail out of my district. I appreciate them so much and keep sending them!! And all the cute letters in my bags made me die – so sweet!

Alright, from the top. When you first get into the MTC it is pure madness, you are just moving from thing to thing. When I got to my class I met my district. THEY ARE THE BEST. There are 4 Sisters all going to Tampa Florida and then there are 6 elders and three of them are going to Louisiana, and the other three are going to Texas. I know there are some elders here who are going to Tampa, but I’m not sure why we are not in their district, but I’m glad because I love my district.

My companion didn’t arrive until way late in the day and I was scared she decided not to come, hahahhha. But then she finally came! She apparently missed her flight here hahahhha and had to wait for another one. She is from Portland Oregon (shout out to Katie) and she is legit the best, I promise. I love her so much. We get along great. She’s really easy to be around and we laugh together. Like, if something awkward or funny happens in class we just look at each other and laugh, I love her. She’s also a great teacher and I learn a lot from her. Sadly though she spent the last year at BYU. She is the perfect comp for me, I could be with her my whole mission I think. The other two Sisters in our district are Sister Christensen and Sister bishop. Christensen is from Manti and is kinda shy and is the skinniest little thing I’ve ever seen. She is so sweet. Sister bishop went to Viewmont and is from Farmington. She went to Fiji for HEFY with Rachel, Miranda and Megan too, so thats cool we kinda know the same people. I honestly feel like I have been here for an eternity. Like me and Sister Terry will be like “remember when….” and then we will realize that was literally yesterday, hahaha, but it felt like so long ago.

So, we have 6 hours of class everyday except for p day, hoorah. Which is Saturday for me if you cannot already tell. And I can read emails all week, just cannot respond (yes that tests my obedience). We have two teachers one guy named Brother Rex who is a super tall, skinny, blonde guy.  He got back from his mission in June. Then our girl is Sister Barrick  (shout out to the Barricks) who coincidentally served her mission In…. SAN ANTONIO. She said she met Brandon once actually and remembered him from the name. – small world. The classes are long but pretty good.

We do this thing called PI (potential investigator) and my first time was AWFUL – hahaha. We watched this video of a guy named “Sean” who is really just our teacher, Brother Rex. And he talks about why he wanted to meet with us and stuff. So we have to plan a lesson based on his needs and give him a commitment. For our first lesson we decided to ask him to pray. So we give our lesson, which for me was honestly such a struggle, hahaha Sister Terry saved us. But then at the end we were like “can we go now?” expecting to be talking to Brother Rex, but no – Sean was here to stay. And apparently we did not get to talk to Brother Rex about our lesson or anything – hahaha. So, honestly, it was just really awkward and I tried to respond how a investigator would if I said to them “can we go now?” hahaha. Honestly, after that I was pretty discouraged cause I thought I would forever be a nervous awkward missionary. BUT yesterday we taught Sean (Brother Rex) again and actually gave a really powerful well put together lesson about the Book of Mormon cause he did end up praying like we hoped (for the other Sisters he didn’t follow through with the commitment)  so we were lucky in that aspect. We didn’t have a Book of Mormon to give to him so we just drew one on a piece of paper. We were scared he would be like “this is just a piece of paper??” But he didn’t and we thought it was funny.

On day two I got in trouble… haha. I saw a friend from high school and I was talking to him just standing up behind my comp while she ate. The MTC President came by and was like “where are your guys comps????? – Include them in this convo!!!” So now I’m scared of boys, hahaha. Boys dont lock their hearts here at the MTC, btw. I saw Sister Stratford!!! Yay! She’s doing good and has been here for 4 weeks and has 5 left hahaha I could not do that. Being here only makes me wanna get to Florida and get started even more. I had her speak some Cambodian to me it sounds really cool. I also saw a kid named Taylor Smith who I went to high school with as well.

QUESTION – Why did I bring the most un-comfy shoes????? I already have like 8 blisters. Can’t wait to wear my sandals everyday. I found out I get home Feb 19, 2019. So a month earlier than expected! You guys can start counting down;) I hit my month mark in 3 days, haha.

I met the most amazing girl hahaha. I was just getting ready for bed in the bathroom and this girl walks in wearing a night gown and I don’t remember the last time I saw a night gown so I complimented her and then she saw my shirt (which was my deathly Hallows shirt) and said “what pottermore house are you in?” I’ve never loved someone instantly like that before. We talked about Harry potter for like 20 minutes. Her name is Sister Romer  and she’s from Switerzland and got called to California. I told her about my new onesie from Nick. SHE IS A SlyTERIN. First one I’ve ever met. Luckily apparently Slytherins don’t mind Ravenclaws. We wanna take a pic together when I’m in my onesie and I was gonna let her borrow my shirt. Her patronous is also a huskie, which is SO cool.

THE FOOD IS AWFUL. Everyone in my district is already sick of it. I eat cereal for like every meal and Sister Terry eats salad. Except yesterday was the best day of my life cause for dinner we had PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA. This morning we went to the temple. It was nice, really hard to stay awake during the movie cause the room is pitch black, haha. Then we had lunch with our district and then played some sand volleyball. Apparently we went at the wrong time so we are gonna go back at the right time after and play again, haha.

There really is such a special spirit here. I was talking to my STL (Sister training leader) and she was telling me on the night I was a little discouraged that it’s crazy the power missionaries have to change and I saw that in myself yesterday. From Thursday to Friday I was like a totally different person. It’s really cool. I just got be obedient and work hard. Doing pretty good at both those things so far. Except for the whole going to bed at 10:30 PM.

Honestly, FAM I’m so happy here. I really haven’t been sad here once yet. It was hard to leave Wednesday and reading your letters made me get a little teary but besides that I’m so happy and I’m having so much fun! Honestly hard to be sad because you’re so busy and just thinking about churchy stuff all the time. I’m really going to try to personally respond to the dear elder letters, so hopefully I get those done. Please keep sending them and letters and emails! I love you guys! I feel really blessed to be here right now. All the new buildings are SO BEAUTIFUL I wish we would’ve toured it. And I’m rarely ever in the old buildings. I am lucky. I’m happy to be speaking English and going to Florida. Learning everything is already so overwhelming, I can’t imagine having to learn a language too. Props to all my homies who have. I have got lots of pics and videos. My Sisters made me the designated photo taker, haha. So, yeah, so far I’m good and happy. I’m thankful for you guys and I’m thankful for being here and the opportunity I have to grow and learn. I miss you guys and I LOVE YOU!!

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