I Am Blind… Week 2 in the MTC

Concerning my subject line: Yesterday I was in the cafeteria. Just a plain old day here at the MTC. Then I go to throw away my food. And at the request of literally every person here at the MTC I decide to be a good person and use some hand sanitizer so to not spread my germs. I use the dispenser to receive my hand sanitizer. The lump of foam now resides in my hand. Little did i know my life was about to be changed forever. I smack my hands together and BAM a huge chunk of hand sanitizer lands itself in my eye. INSTANT BURNING PAIN… I then begin groaning. My comp didn’t know what to do as she too had sanitizer on her hands. As you can imagine this was a traumatic event to witness. I decided to make a run for the bathroom. I push my way through the crowds continually groaning and acting like my life was ending. I pushed open the bathroom door and scared half the girls in there. That is when I made my recovery and started regaining my health. I washed my eye (without ruining my make up, go me!) and the pain went away. Still a little scared that eventually ill start going blind because of this incident but as for now, I am surviving.

Long, but good week. Everyday just kind of meshes together. But i’ll tell you some good/funny/cool things that happened this week:

Sunday was alright. I’m so tired honestly, I fall asleep so often. All Sunday I was having the hardest time staying awake because it’s not like any discussions, more just lectures and they dim the lights and that combined with waking up at 6:30 and never getting to bed on time you already know I’m gonna be out in like 10 minutes. This week we also started something called TRC (training resource center) they bring in real life people for us to practice teaching on. Some are actual investigators, but most are just LDS volunteers. But you don’t know what your investigator is. Sister Terry and I teach two ladies one is just a couple of years older than us and her name is Erika. The other is an old lady named Patty. Things have been going well. But yesterday we asked Erika to be baptized and she said no and patty didn’t show up so rough day ha-ha. It was still a really good lesson with Erika though. O

Thursday we got thrown a curveball. We were asked to do an exchange the next day. I was gonna be with Sister Bishop, woot woot love her. But it was kinda stressful cause you get so used to your comp and you know how the other works but it was actually a really good learning experience. I learned a lot from her. I discovered the vending machines this week. Mana from heaven, I promise. The food still stinks. But in the vending machines they have hot pockets AND pizza rolls so I am a happy girl.

We had Quentin L Cook and his wife come talk to us Tuesday. It was pretty cool cause they were streaming it to every MTC in the world and like 9 of the 14 were watching live and we sang called to serve and it was so powerful and such a spiritual experience because you knew missionaries from all over the world were singing with you at the same exact time. so COOL. Every time we sing called to serve here it’s so cool.

This week a really developed a strong desire to be more like Christ. First we watched this old MTC devotional by David A Bednar called “The Character of Christ” and unfortunately you can only watch MTC devotionals in the MTC but I wish SO Badly everyone in my family could watch it. The most powerful and life changing devotional/talk I’ve ever heard. It’s just all about Christ and how every time it would’ve been so easy to turn inward he turned outward and helped others. So so so so inspiring, I wanna become more like Christ. Then one day in class our teacher had a cool activity for us to do. In the new buildings there are all these huge murals and pictures of Christ and scripture stories. For real sooo pretty. But our teacher had us go look at them and think about what or how Christ would teach our investigators if he was teaching our investigators. Long story short, I wanna be a teacher and leader just like he was.

Today I really started missing music. WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO LISTEN TO “BLOOD” BY THE MIDDLE EAST RIGHT NOW. Someone listen to it for me since I cant (sound of my heartbreaking) but yeah I’m good. Still way weird and like dance and sing random songs. Also I quote tons of movies and stuff and literally like none of my roommates like watch movies so that’s for sure a trial ha-ha miss you fam. OH HOW COULD I FORGET. The other night at like 10 the fire alarm goes off in our building. I was sooooo mad. Then all the girls had to go outside and sit there for forever ha-ha some girls were in the shower and literally just had to come out in their towels hahaha I was dying.

Been a long one. We got our travel plans though! We leaving Oct 3 at three thirty in the morning ha-ha how fun is that gonna be!!! We have a layover in Atlanta then to Tampa! That made me so excited. Also its been freezing and we brought clothes for Florida so thats been fun.

I love and miss you tons! Here are some pics. Our district plays volleyball like everyday and I go so hard so I got some crazy bruises. Also shout out to my cute Sister for the adorable package. Also me and Sister Terry made a dope hand shake. Cant wait for you guys to see it. Okay I’m done now.

Sister Todd

One last thing I am so grateful for my beyond supportive fam. I AM SO LUCKY AND THANKFUL. One day I didn’t get a package or letter at lunch and everyone was like “Sister Todd how does it feel to not get anything?” I just laughed then got a letter at dinner hahahah you guys are the best

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