Florida… Here I Come – Week 3 in the MTC

Hey fam, believe it or not this is my last email I am sending from the MTC. Pretty crazy. I leave for Florida in just 3 days. I’m really excited but also equally as nervous. I feel like my time went by so fast and I still have so much to learn, so it’s scary but I’m doing it whether I like it or not, haha. You guys, I’m so excited for real food. I told Sister Terry we HAVE to eat at cafe Rio at the airport even though it’ll be like 4 in the morning, haha. She agreed. That’s why I love her. We have to leave here at 3:30 am and they gave us this huge lecture about looking your best and making a good impression, so we have to wake up even earlier to try and look our “best” at 3 in the morning. So that will be fun.

This week was good. Pretty normal and pretty fast. Something funny that happened this week was one night me and my roommates were a little riled up at lights out so we decided to make a quick funny video before we went to bed. So we went out in the hall to create said video and silly, silly sister Christensen didn’t put the door stopper In the right place so we all watched as our door closed and locked, haha. It’s past curfew, everyone’s asleep, all of us are in the hall, and were locked out of our room. Not a good idea. So we freaked out for a minute and contemplated our options. We then decided to use the emergency phone (which is actually quite scary to use) to call security and have them help us get back in. Hahaha we did get back in but it was a funny experience, haha. It’s all about the “mems” (memories), everyone here hates it when I say that but I still say it cause I do me. It was a good night, haha.

So this week kinda a lot happened haha. My comp and i got assigned to be the STLs (sister training leaders) for my zone, which comes with the privilege of having a state of the art Samsung flip phone capable of calling one number and one number only, haha. Then we also have to just talk to the girls in our district, interview them and make sure they’re okay and plan lessons and things but luckily it’s conference so we didn’t have to worry about that. We also got to welcome the new missionaries and tell them all about life here at the MTC  cause I’m a pro now. I also got called on to speak in Sacrament, so much fun. They just call on you like 3 seconds before you head up there so you have no forewarning, but it went well. It was on repentance. I did alright a little bit under time but good. Then we had to teach the relief society lesson, haha. It was a busy day for us. But it was actually a really good lesson on the importance of having the spirit with us and to recognize it. Elder Bednar says something along the lines of not “stop worrying if a thought is you or the holy ghost. If it’s something good don’t question it and just do it.” Thats really good advice.

Also, this week we had our last TRC (hallelujah) but actually it was fun and a good experience. Not gonna lie though earlier this week I got a little discouraged because I  had been praying to know what to teach our investigator Erika and I woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling that we should teach her about the plan of salvation. So we went ahead and did it and with Erika we’ve felt like she gets it and she believes it all but she just hasn’t had a spiritual witness that this church is true so we were hoping that this was maybe the lesson she needed to get that witness. But it didn’t really work out that way and I was pretty sad for the rest of the day. Our last lesson made up for it though. We taught her about the parable of the lost sheep and how Christ will never forget us or leave us and I think we really made a break through with her through that, too bad we never get to meet with her again. I for real love sister Terry she’s the perfect comp for me and I’m sad I’ll have to leave her in a couple days.

Conference is today and tomorrow which is way exciting! It’s not gonna be as fun to watch in an un-comfy chair in church clothes though, haha. My branch President invited us all to think about questions we have and write them down so I encourage you guys to do that as well cause I know all your questions will be answered #churchistrue #modernrevelation. I’m gonna miss you guys tons during it. We don’t really get a p day so that will be interesting trying to fit all my p day stuff in with conference and I probably won’t get to email much so I’m sorry about that. We also don’t get to go to the temple 😦 sad. I was just getting good at it 😉 I’m trying to get some letters out to you guys before I leave the MTC so expect that. Also thanks again for the many packages and dear elders. Not sure if I’ll be able to get any more so maybe don’t send anything else here cause no post on Sundays.

Next time you guys hear from me I’ll be in Florida!!!! Which is so exciting. I seriously can’t wait. I’m gonna miss Utah so much though. The mountains are just starting to change. It’s sooooo pretty. I’m gonna miss you guys too though. Even though being in the MTC is like being on another planet already, haha. Anyways I love and miss you guys so much and I’m praying for you and think about you often. Yesterday a young family toured the MTC and ate lunch here (don’t know why anyone would voluntarily eat here) it made me miss my cute babies so much. But I am good and happy here. There’s so much comfort in knowing I’m exactly where the Lord wants me to be. I love you Guys! Have a good week and try not to fall asleep or “rest your eyes” (cough, cough mom and dad) during conference! Love youuuuu

Florida… here I come, girllllll!!

Sister Todd

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