One month or 5 seconds or eternity?…

Hi Guys

It’s been a minute. Actually like I said in the subject, I dont know how long it’s been. Time says a month, but also I’ve been gone for like 8 years but also for 5 seconds. It’s the weirdest feeling. I saw an alligator this week!!! What what?!?! It was swimming and we were driving so I didn’t get a pic or anything. But it still happened so I’m like officially a Floridian, I think.

This week we had zone conference and Elder Costa of the 70 came and it was really good. It was fun to meet lots of missionaries and I saw this kid from my elementary school named Elder Stockham. It was funny cause he just kept telling me how mind blown he was that I was there. Elder Costa talked about the doctrine of Christ which I didn’t even know what that was till  my mission haha so it was good. He’s really funny and so is his wife so it was entertaining the wife talked about missionary experienced she’s having now. Everyone can be a missionary, it’s cool!!!!!!!

One thing about missionary life is that weird funny things happen seriously everyday. One night we were on our way home and I got this bump between my  lip and nose and I thought it was just a growing pimple but then the next morning I woke up and I had the fattest lip haha so I think it was a bug bite and I don’t know what happened but my lip eventually went down so I think I’m fine. It was so funny though. I could not take myself seriously all day. I still have a little bump left too. I’m scared whatever bug bit me laid eggs In my face and one day I’ll just have like 8000 spider babies crawl out haha, horrifying.

Then also one day we get this text and it’s like “is this Mrs Latter Day Saints?” haha, yes, yes it is. So we respond in the appropriate way and they respond “I’m not trying to get converted or anything I just met you guys at the Wawa (a store) and thought you guys were cool” haha. We died. Then another day. A recent convert wanted to take us out to eat and me and sister ward step out of the car and this guy runs up to us and he seems really stressed and he goes “do you guys dye hair?” haha I look around to see if there’s like a hair place near by to see if he got us confused with someone or something but nope haha then were like “no we don’t dye hair” hahaha and he points at me and goes “yeah, I want your color that’s like perfect” we were so confused haha too funny.

One thing I’ve learned this week is that God’s timing is sooo perfect and it’s seriously insane. One story about that. One night were on campus for like the last hour of the day and were walking and I say hi to this random girl and sister ward compliments her shirt and then she was way confused cause she thought we knew her but she couldn’t see us cause it was dark so she started talking to us and she told us how (this is such a long run on sentence sorry readers) she was not really religious but her parents were but she never really liked how there are so many different interpretations of the bible. haha, PERFECT. So we start telling her about the book of Mormon and she got so excited and was honestly the first person I’ve talked to who was like super, super interested. So It was super awesome. Anyways we plan to meet later the week and then get her number and leave. The next morning we text her and then got no response 😦 we were super super sad. Then the next day I was like “I hope we see Maddie today” then were on campus were just walking and then sister ward is like I have a feeling we should text so and so. So we sit down to send them a text and then (bet you can’t guess) Maddie walks past!!!!!! And she never got our text!!!! So we got to see her again and talk to her and know she is still interested. She’s like perfect I love her. So hopefully I get to meet with her again this week. But for real if the Lord didn’t prompt sister ward to text this other investigator right at that moment and have us sit right there we never would’ve saw her again. How cool, is that?? That day was just a miracle day so many things with the lords timing happened it was so cool. TRUST IN THE LORDS TIMING AMEN. Also we got this hilarious girl named Natatsha on date for baptism so that was cool!!! We’ve only taught her the first lesson so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll update you.

Anyways this week was a good week. The weeks actually go by really fast. I hit my month and sister ward hit her 5 month. It was a very fun week. Sister Ward and I are awesome. I found she’s read the book of Mormon everyday since she was like 10 isn’t that the coolest??? Mad respect for her. Some days are hard and no one will give us the time of day but some days it seems like everything goes our way. I’m so blessed to be out here in Florida serving. It’s so fun. Hot, but fun. It snowed in Idaho I heard so that’s insane haha. It’s still June here. I’m stuck in summer. Not complaining though but it’s weird to think it’s October.  Crazy stuff. Anyways love and miss you guys. I look forward to hearing from you all every week (you can write me here…)That’s one of the best parts of my week. MISS YOU

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Sister Todd

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