College Life…

Hi Fam,

I miss you all!!!!! It’s been a good week, BUT A FAST ONE. Seriously, every week gets faster and faster. It’s crazy. But yeah, not too much crazy went on this week. I’ll just try to fill you in all the fun stuff that’s going on here woot woot.

The work is going well. All together the YSA missionaries have 8 date sets for this upcoming month. All the missionaries I’m around are so powerful and it’s really cool to get to work so closely with them all. I LEARN SO MUCH EVERYDAY. Especially from Sister Ward. Man, she is the best. We went on an exchange and I missed her so much hahaha, when we pulled up to the gas station where we met back up after the exchange I’m not kidding I got teary eyed hahaha. I love my companion. She’s a really, really good example to me everyday and we have sooo much fun. We are always laughing she’s the best, haha.

I also love the other two sisters I live with. Sister Barlow reminds me of Steph she cracks me up she’s so funny. We all had a sleepover this week in our family room it was soooo fun. Man real missionary work is hard hahaha. Tracting is HARD. I knocked on my first door and we got a return appointment and we were walking away and I asked my STL if that’s normal and she made it clear that was not normal hahaha. I saw for myself that it wasn’t the rest of the day. I pray I’m on campus for 9 months hahahah my first week I was like I don’t want to be there that long but now I never want to leave hahaha funny how that happens. We get to meet lots of people everyday and there are so many different people in this world and it seems they all go to USF, haha so funny. It’s so interesting to talk to people about their beliefs. One guy told us he couldn’t read a paragraph in the book of Mormon because he was too busy playing this game on his phone it was a really funny excuse. Weird things happen on campus everyday I’m telling you hahaha. I love the YSA members so much too. They are the best people ever, they’re so fun to be around. I am blessed.

WE GET FACEBOOK. Ahhh way actually not excited. I was excited to get away from social media and things. BUT I know there is a reason we are using it now and it really will help the work progress. It is definitely a blessing and a curse.

One funny story. Hahahhaah. Laughing thinking about this. So all 4 of us YSA sisters went over to a members apartment to try this new contacting thing elder Costa told us to do. Anyways, we’re about to go back to the church for the end of the day and we’re walking out of their apartment and we start hearing a faint sound of a familiar song “na na na na na” “na na na na na” “na na na na na na na na na” as we get closer to the pool (we HAVE to walk through the pool area to get out, there is no escape.) We hear the song again. This time it sounds a little more familiar “if I was a rich girl na na na na” hahahah I start dying “is that rich girl by Gwen Stefani???” Hahaha we cut around a corner to this balcony over looking the pool. Thats when we see about 30 college guys doing a choreographed dance to if I was a rich girl. And I’ll just say this, they were not dressed modestly. We sat there dying for a minute. Trying to figure out other options to get out but there was no other way. We had to go through the pool. So we make our way down all the flights of stairs and get to the entrance of the pool. We start walking as fast as we can trying so hard not to look WE ARE FOUR SISTER MISSIONARIES, THIS WAS NOT OKAY. They stop the music and the girl directing them all looks at us and says “do you want to watch them dance?” In unison we all say “nooooo” hahaha and just continue to speed walk out of there. During this I am just dying laughing so hard. The other sisters kept it together but I could not, then we were almost to the edge of the pool which is by the door and here we go again “na na na na na” I AM CRACKING UP. This would happen to us. They were right next to the door acting as a barricade so we had to try to get past them as they do their little dance and man oh man hahaha it was funny. Bad, but funny hahahah. Wrong place, wrong time hahahah, COLLEGE!

This morning as I was doing my personal study and I looked out my little window and saw the most beautiful sunrise and this perfect little rainbow. I feel so blessed and grateful to be here. Being a missionary is so cool. I get the opportunity to become a better person and help others do the same. I just talk to people about Jesus Christ all day it’s so fun. This week I’m trying to work on being patient, haha I’ve realized I’m pretty impatient, so I’m working on that. And just being more Christ like. Sister Ward never says anything unkind about anyone. She’s awesome. Anyways it was a good week, like I said, fast but so good. Life is full of ups and downs here on the mission and just in life in general I guess, but we have to just focus on the good things and the blessings we do have and notice the Saviors hand in our life everyday. IT’S THERE. YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK. Anyways love you guys, miss you, but so happy to be where I am. HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK. Peace and blessings

Sister Todd


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