Ant Killer and Squirrel Tamers

Hello!!! I love you guys so much. How are you???? Things are good here as per usual. Where to begin?? This week was even faster than last hahahah. So crazy how that happens. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Wish I could eat bread bowls with you and drink root beer but I’m happy to be here. Don’t forget to send lots of pictures my way. I don’t know what were gonna do for Halloween, probably just normal stuff. Today we carved pumpkins though – sooo fun. We went to a little “patch” that wasn’t really a pumpkin patch and was actually a fundraiser for a youth ministry for another church hahaha, but cool!!! Actually the lady was like “we haven’t been doing very good this year. I actually went inside to go to the bathroom like 10 minutes ago and prayed to God that he would send people to buy our pumpkins.” Hahahah then a giant van full of Mormon missionaries pull up. If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is.

This week was good. Like I said really fast. We had to go to what is called specialized missionary training which is for all new missionaries and their trainers that was really cool. We were there from 8-7 one day, hahaha, so long.  Then were trying to leave and a fire truck pulls up and parks right in front of us cause apparently the church fire alarm was going off. So we couldn’t leave for even longer hahahah. But it was a good experience I learned how to be a better missionary. And we had Papa John’s so I’m not complaining.

Last night our room got infested with ants. It was terrifying. We had to vacuum like 8 times and crawl under our beds and kill them with poison. I’m scared to sleep hahaha, just kidding. I sleep like a rock every night. Also sister ward and I figured out how to tame  the squirrels on campus. I don’t know if I’ve told you this but Florida squirrels are not normal – they’re super spazzy and hilarious and there’s so many all over campus. Tell Abby and Addie they’re one of my new favorite animals. But you have to make this clicking sound with your mouth and do this hand motion and they just come it’s crazy hahaha. We had three surrounding us. It’s so fun. Also another animal thing. Today we saw an alligator in that lake behind our house it was huge and crazy.

This week the stake here did something really cool I don’t know why stakes everywhere don’t do it. It’s called a “why I beileve” fireside and converts bear their testimonies on how they came to beileve  perfect missionary opportunity. Natasha came and she sat by us hahaha she also came to church she’s so funny. I have to get a picture with her so you guys can see her. We’re talking about why I beileve and she goes “I invited a friend is that okay?” Hahahaha IS THAT OKAY??? YES. So she brings her friend and his name is Luis and someone awesome is bearing testimony and he leans over to me and says “can I have one of your bibles” HAHAHHHA WHY YES YOU CAN. Give him a book of Mormon and he just sits there and reads it the next hour. SO COOL. After he came up to us and asked us to meet so we could talk more about the book of Mormon. It was really cool. He might not be YSA age so we might have to refer him but still cool. The spirit at the fireside was so strong. There were tons of people there and it was awesome. There were a lot of pretty musical numbers all done by missionaries and the last one all the missionaries sang a child’s prayer and it was so so cool. The spirit was so strong. I was so so sooo happy in that moment. Natasha in the crowd holding up her phone to take a picture of us hahahah and like 60 missionaries singing together and wow it was just cool. Hard to explain things through email. I also met the missionaries in the Moores ward and they told those sisters to look out for me so hopefully I get to see them sometime.

Sister Ward got her eyes sun burned this week hahaha it’s been so sad. She can’t even open her eyes they hurt so bad. And she’s had to wear sunglasses like all the time even inside hahaha. Poor thing. She’s better now though. Something weird happens everyday hahaha it’s so funny. It’s fun being a missionary cause even the typically most mundane things are fun like cooking food. We usually make up a fun song and dance while cooking. This week we made up a song called “something’s under the pot” truly glorious to listen to we all crack up when we sing it. I’ve been trying to memorize the first vision and I think I have it down. It’s super powerful to use that when teaching the restoration.

Anyways a really good fast week. All the weeks are a blur. I know it’s probably going slower for you people at home but I feel like it’s rushing by and I wanna enjoy every moment. Right before my mission I realized this and every day out here in the field it becomes even more apparent to me. There are seriously zero coincidences. God is in every tiny detail of our lives it’s insane. It’s no coincidence I meet the people I meet on campus and I know everything happens for a reason. So cool. We are blessed I cannot say that enough. Anyways I love you all hope you have an amazing week and a happy Halloween. Can’t beileve it’s almost November. MISS YOU

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd

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Also I’m supposed to send this:

Hi friends and family. You may have seen that I am now able to use Facebook as a missionary! In the Florida Tampa mission, we have begun using social media in our missionary work and I will use my Facebook account specifically for missionary purposes. My primary communication home and updates will continue to be through my ‘myldsmail’ email account and not through Facebook. I would love to continue to hear from everyone via email. Thank you for all of your love and support.

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