Hola Mis Amigos!

What even happened this week???? I just don’t know. Let’s see…. the weather is perfect. November in Florida is something I could do all the time. Sister ward and I had our one month anniversary the other day! We celebrated with pancakes for dinner. Also this is the last week of the transfer?? Where has the time gone?

Honestly, not much happened this week. We did have zone conference though and we learned all about how we are going to use Facebook, which was weird. It will be good but also just weird. But for the YSA especially it’s really gonna help us hasten the work. But we do have to be careful to not get distracted and always be on purpose. And not message family *cough cough* mom. 😉 SPEAKING OF FAMILY. I got 2 packages from mom and dad this week and wow!! One was full of leaves and lavender and I really never thought something so simple would mean so much to 4 young missionaries. We all just sat in our room smelling the leaves for like 20 minutes haha. It smelled like home. I kept them – I love them so much. Thanks mom and dad. You guys are da bomb. P.s. I know that package was dad’s idea, has him written all over it 😉 (just kidding mom you’re awesome)

This week we also had interviews with President Cooper, wow he’s such a cool man. I wish You all could meet him. One day, hopefully. He’s so inspired and just knows exactly what to say all the time. Yesterday we had a mission fast. To meet our goals for the upcoming months. In September and October we haven’t been meeting our goals and a lot of that was from Hurricane Irma because there was a lot of lost contact and baptisms postponed. But now after our fast and zone conference I think all the missionaries are rededicating themselves and it should be really cool. The fast was super cool cause we started with a mission conference call – 150 missionaries and President all in one call together. Okay, I must not tell lies, haha. Something is wrong with our zone hahahah. We missed the call so we got to do a separate call with just our zone but it was still so cool because I just felt a lot of unity and strength. There really is a power to fasting that I didn’t notice till I was on my mission. Should be cool to see how these next 2 months play out.

One morning I had a feeling to bring a flash light on our run (Sister Ward makes me run, that’s always the worst part of my day) and I thought it was gonna be used to protect us from like an alligator or serial killer or something like that but I had been wanting to see am armadillo cause everyone talks about how nasty they are and then were walking back into our house and I see an animal bolt behind a bush and BOOM! I shine my flashlight on it – Armadillo. Blessings on blessings. Got to see a nasty armadillo. Sorry again for the run on sentence I swear everyday I get a little less intelligent. The other day I was writing in my journal and wrote “twoday” hahahaha. That is sad.

Sister Ward and I got asked to teach gospel Principles this week, haha. It’s funny cause the lesson was on eternal marriage and we are basically nuns right now and we are in the YSA ward hahahah. But it went pretty well we talked about how we can prepare now to be a good eternal companions. Fun stuff.

One thing about a mission is I thought I would come out and just be filled with the spirit 24/7 and know exactly what to say and what each person needs to hear, but boy was I wrong hahaha. Listening to the spirit is HARD sometimes (99% of the time). I’ve really been trying to be better at listening to the spirit lately. And it’s not easy or something that comes over night. But I know the spirit really will help us to know what to say and do if we are listening. Maybe not all the time and sometimes we have to take the first step. But when we are really paying attention we can “speak with the tongue of angels”. I think this week I had one lesson that the spirit really was helping me know what to say and what this person needed to hear. It was really really cool. I still struggle with it because it’s not always with me and I really never know what to say but ITS A WORK IN PROGRESS. Lately in the mission and in church everyone’s been telling me how the things I will learn here will prepare me to be a better mother and wife. Which is really cool and makes me want to learn as much as I can hahha. The spirit will be so helpful in my schooling and career and in being a wife and mother and I don’t want to ever stop trying to listen to the spirit cause I know it knows better than I do haha. So I encourage all of you who don’t feel like you’ve noticed the spirit in your life recently to pray to have the spirit with you and to really really listen and pray attention to the thoughts and feelings you have. And see what happens. AMEN. hahaha. End of tangent.

Anyways I’ve had a really good week. Another fast one hahaha I wonder if I’ll write that in every email hahaha probably. I’m jealous that my family is in Mexico but I hope you are all having a blast and being safe. PLEASE BE SAFE. But the weather is just as good here 😉 what a blessing it is to be serving a mission at this time. WOWIE. So many blessings. Anyways I love you fam. Hope you have a good week and your children don’t forget about me. Or you for that matter 😉 I appreciate every email and letter. I miss you guys and love you more than words can even describe.

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd

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