I ate a gator…

Hello all,

Today we got TRANSFER CALLS. Boy they’re scary but I am staying in the YSA with Sister Ward. HALLELUJAH. Sadly, our roomie sister Barlow will be leaving but she’s finishing sister Terry’s training so that’s kind of fun. We will miss her so much though. She makes the house so fun, she’s a lot like Stephanie but less nasty. Hahahah just kidding Steph – love you. Also today is my 2 month mark!!! Now when people see an airplane and ask me “how far away do you think that plane is?” The answer won’t be 18 months hahaha.

Today I ate gator. Honestly it was pretty good. It tastes like chicken, honestly like buttery chicken. I liked it. But now I don’t feel so good so maybe I don’t like gator. Apparently i have what you call a tonsil stone. Ive never heard of these things but sister ward diagnosed me. And they’re really gross. She took a picture but I think I will spare you all and not send it.

Only one other big thing happened this week and it was Natasha’s BAPTISM wowwww so fun and really exciting. Honestly I am 100% honest when I say this, Sister Ward and I did NOTHING. Natasha was so prepared. Heavenly Father was preparing her for this her whole life. It’s such a cool story. I’ll tell you her story.

So a couple months ago this woman named Natasha had a feeling (the Spirit) that she should move to Florida, she has zero family here, the teaching licenses are different so she couldn’t be a real teacher, but she felt she should move so she did! Then she was looking for apartments and she got in an Uber and was telling her driver her story and asked him to take her to these apartments so she could look at them. He decided to tell her about the apartments he lived and and said “why don’t you come look at these apartments I think you’ll like them” this guy wasn’t a creep by the way he was a nice guy. So she does, she loves them, that day she signs a lease and gets her key. They happen to be right next tok our church. Then one day Natasha decides to take the bus instead of driving. God’s timing right??? That’s the day we run into her. We invited her to institute and she said yes!! The insitute class that night was Docterine and Covenants and was on the word of wisdom hahahaha she was so confused. I was scared we would never see her again. BUT we did and she wanted to meet with us. We asked her to be baptized our first appointment and she said yes. She has so much faith. She loves God so much and she recognized how our meeting wasn’t coincidental. She inspires me. Her baptism was awesome hahaha. I love her. The day of her baptism she wasnt responding to our texts so we called her and she didnt answer so we kind of started freaking out. Then finaally shes calls us back and she says “im not coming…… hahah just kidding im just putting my hair in a ponytail. I’ll be there in a minute.” Hahaha our hearts just dropped, so scary. She loves singing so she asked sister ward and I to do a musical number with her hahaha mom would’ve been so happy. We sang “If the Savior Stood Beside Me” and I messed up but yolo hahaha. I’m not a gifted singer but I did it for Natasha. Natasha also has had a couple scary experiences in the water so she was SO NERVOUS. And she didn’t want anyone there but there was a lot of people there. Hahaha sister ward and I kinda had to push her in the water hahaha. She was happy after though, if she could get baptized I could sing in front of everyone hahaha. It was a good day. I wish you all could meet Natasha hahahah she’s the best. She’s so funny. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her and to share with her the gospel. YAAAAA. Blessings on blessings. God prepares people and we just have to find them it’s so cool.

On the mission I’ve found one of my biggest weaknesses…. And it’s PATIENCE. My patience is bad hahaha I need to work on it so hard. But the cool thing is, Heavenly Father gives us the means to make our weaknesses strengths. Yeah patience is not a strength of mine yet but that’s okay I’m working on it hahaha. Either 12:27 one of my favorite scriptures because I am so weak hahaha.

Sister Ward is the cutest comp I woke up yesterday to sticky notes everywhere about my half birthday hahaha. We celebrate half birthdays I guess hahaha so fun. This week was good. I can’t beileve I’ve already been here a transfer! Only 10 more 😉 tomorrow the YSA elders are teaching a religion class of 200 people at USF. Cool huh??? happy birthday Russell and happy birthday to Wessie here coming up soon. Everyones growing up too fast. I love and miss you fam. You are the best.

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd

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  1. Sister Todd, Lovely to here about Natasha’s baptism. I hope you have at least one invitation to Thanksgiving dinner. I’m thankful for my brother Russ and his family. I’m thankful that his youngest daughter is serving a mission and that she writes detailed, fun letters. Love, Aunt Lynne

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