It’s beginning to look a lot like May

Hi Fammmm,

Good normal week here in Tampa. CAMPUS WAS D.E.A.D dead. This week because of Thanksgiving but ya know that’s just how it goes. There were still a couple people there. It was so weird hahah it was like a ghost town. I felt like I was in Call of Duty when you go to that one place where they set off atomic bombs. But there are always those random weird miracle people you get to talk to. Those are the best. We found the gnarliest spider on campus. I couldn’t get a good photo of it but I got one of its web. I’ll try to get a better photo this week. Sister Ward makes everything fun I promise hahaha she’s a ton like me but less “mainstream” she hates mainstream things hahaha.

Its been really fun lately cause we are getting super excited for #LighttheWorld ahhhhhh so cool. We share that video with everyone. So many people think it’s so cool. CAUSE IT IS. Sister Ward and I are going to try and do it everyday. We have really cool ideas it should be super fun. You should all do it too! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about go to and watch the videos. DO IT AND YOURE COOL, DO IT AND YOURE COOL.This Christmas will honestly be really cool for me. CAUSE I’m going to #LighttheWorld and it really is going to be a Christ centered Christmas.

This week we had Thanksgiving of course. It was so fun to go over to Bishops house. It is in plant city so a little bit of the drive (the YSA area is almost the size of the whole mission hahah) but it was funnnn. He has a lot of cool hobbies that we never even knew about. He is really into trains and then I brought up the California Zephyr and he then proceeded to pull out his exact replica model of it hahaha he’s so cool. I showed him where we stayed and told him about all the cool things on the train. Sister Ward and I thought it would be fun to write all these little notes and hide them all around the house it was way fun honestly to try and hide them while they werent looking. They found all of them and were so happy. At church they were asking each set of missionaries who did it and then came up to us and told us they were so grateful and how happy it made them. They also told us we bring a really special into people’s homes, it was very kind of them. They were both in tears talking to us. 8 missionaries in one house hahah it was fun. Sister Stephenson (Bishops wife) is like our mission mom. Tonight she’s bring us real pines to decorate our house with and feel a little more at home, she’s so sweet. Its cool how such simple things can bring so much joy to people.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel too much like thanksgiving, I would guess that’s how Christmas will feel also. It’s easier cause it’s still summer so it doesn’t feel like the holiday season hahah.

Any way yeah good week, as they all are. We had interviews with President Cooper and man he is an inspired man. I am blessed to be in this mission. He helps me become the missionary I want to become. Hope you all have a good week. I love you and miss you all so much. Heard about Emerson’s blessing, so exciting. I love all of you.

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd

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