I Met a Cuban…

Everyone in the world: “Oh wow you got called to Florida??? You’ll meet so many Cubans!! Oh my, Cuban sandwiches… so good!!!”

Me: (meets people from Italy, Oman, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, England, Columbia, China, Russia, Brazil, Palestine, Jordan, Ghana, Japan, Barbados, Kuwait, Arcadia, Haiti, Peru, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos, St. Lucia, Switzerland, Thailand, Germany, etc) (yes I’ve been keeping track)

Well, yesterday the Cubans broke their long silence and I finally met one. No, he did not offer me a sandwich and no, he did not tell me where I could get one. Not gonna lie he did not live up to the hype hahahaha.

This was a good week!!!! The first part of it was super fast but the last two days were slowwwwwww. We had zone conference this week! It was suchhhhhh a good one best one yet. It was all about obedience and diligence which I have been studying a TON lately. I have a cool mission not gonna lie.

We found a couple people this week who are really cool and we are excited to see where that goes. It’s finals week so people are stressed and busy and not very excited to talk to us most of the time. But there are always those few people who will listen. OH MIRACLE THIS WEEK. Okay so it’s Thursday night and we are about to leave and we just had institute dinner. Then out of no where this woman walks up to me and I was like hi how are you! And she said “good I feel like God brought me to this church tonight” hahahhaah what. Turns out she met with missionaries a year ago had a baptismal date but kind of let others opinions get in the way. YOU GUYS THIS WOMAN IS SO COOL. I was like we would love to meet with you sometime this week! And sister ward goes “how about tomorrow?” And she goes yes I like you tomorrow. She came and had a list fill of questions. She told us that this church is the only one that has ever taught her something that makes sense. AH SO COOL. She has the coolest story. So a year ago she had a ton of questions. And she had seen missionaries but she had never talked to them but she just had a feeling to go look for the guys in white shirts. She drove past many churches and eventually drove to USF and just decided to walk in our church hahahah. She walks in a sees two sisters sitting on the couch and says I’m looking for the guys with the white shirts hahah. The sisters explained that they share the same message and know the same things. But seriously so cool she was literally just led to our church twice hahah. Sadly, we only got to teach her once and we had to refer her because she has a daughter. But still MIRACLES HAPPEN. That made our week.

Life with sister ward is hilarious. We are the same. We both hate talking to people so we have to push ourselves really hard. Haha at zone conference all the missionaries are just so excited to see each other and socialize and Sister Ward and I just sit against the wall and watch from afar. We bought Christmas onesies and are going to be sleeping in them every night until Christmas. Don’t worry, the skirt is removable. Life is fun, life is good. Im a happy person. It makes me happy I get to be a missionary at this time in this mission. I could not ask for anything more. And I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR OUR LIVES. That is for sure. Anyways love you fam and miss you guys so much.

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd

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