Please Bless That We Will Have a Great Day X2

I hope you all know that I am forever afraid to pray in front of people because of you always making fun of me.

I honestly feel like nothing too big happened this week. I went on an exchange in Apollo beach and that was actually really fun, despite my previous opinion on exchanges. We went to the Mission President’s neighborhood right on the water and all the houses are different colors. So pretty. I should have taken a photo.

School is officially over for the year. All the missionaries in other areas keep telling us how bad they feel for all the YSA missionaries cause no one will be on campus. BUT THERE ARE STILL MIRACLES AND PREPARED PEOPLE ON CAMPUS. I have a strong testimony of that. Most of the people here are also staying for most, if not all the break so we can meet with people often because they’re not busy anymore!!! Woot woot.

We had a really cool miracle last night. We were going on campus for the last hour of the night (we all call that miracle hour). And there were hardly people there compared to what it usually is. And we see this girl running to the bus as it drives away from her. She missed her bus, but hey nothing is a coincidence. Amiright?? So we went over to the bus stop to talk to her. AND MAN WAS SHE A MIRACLE. She was soooo cool. Literally, the most kind and beautiful person I’ve ever met. Her name is Vafa and she’s from Russia (shoutout to Chris). We shared with her #LighttheWorld and she loved it. She then goes “do you take donations? I have some clothes that I would love to give away” little does she know that December 16 is “I was naked and ye clothed me” and we were already planning on going with a member to donate some of our clothes. SO WE INVITED HER. And she said she would love to and we told her we do it everyday and she said she wants to join us in Lighting the World as much as possible. She told us her whole schedule and wants to meet with us. We are so excited! If we weren’t on campus at that time exactly we would have missed her. Still miracles on campus woot woot. Let me hear you say wayho! 5 minutes after that sister ward and I were singing at the top of our lungs cause no one was around then these two guys walk out of this door and they’re like “hello???” Hahahha so confused and so funny. They probably thought we were so weird.

Honestly sometimes after miracles I’m just like woah. I am so so so beyond blessed to be here serving a mission. There’s going to be nothing else in my life that’s like this. And missionary work seriously brings me so much joy it’s the craziest thing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The gospel really is the ONLY way we can find true and lasting happiness in the world today. I was so blessed to be born into it. I love being a missionary. Such a weird, awkward, hilarious life. But such a good one.

It’s actually been really cold here the past 3 days. I had to wear my rain coat and not sandals hahahha. Everyone is saying this is really unusual. Apparently January and February are the coldest months. Kinda feels more like Christmas though so it’s fun.

I love you all and miss you so much!!! Hope you have a good week. Thanks for the packages and the love and the emails.

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd

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