Its the quintessence of life, I think…


And all through the campus not a creature was peeping not even a squirrel…. (is that how the saying goes? Idk)

CAMPUS HAS BEEN QUITE. But I can testify that I know there are still prepared people here and it’s very fun trying to find them. Something that has been really cool this week is that we have to decide where to go. Whether we want to try campus or go to some apartment complexes or go contacting on 42nd. So we have been really prayerful about it and then the spirit can help us know where to go and it’s been super cool. We’ve had a lot of really special experiences where the spirit guides us to right where we need to be right at the time we need to be there. Wow my English is bad I feel like I just made no sense.

Welll……… right in the middle of writing this email we got transfer calls. Sister Ward is leaving me 😦 I am so so so sad. She is my best friend! She’s taught me everything I know. I am so beyond grateful for her. She was the trainer I needed and I am so sad our time together is coming to an end. Right before Christmas:( she’s the best missionary I know honestly. She’s such an example to me and to Everyone around us. I AM GOING TO DIE WITH OUT HER I PROMISE. I am going to be like a blind person leading a blind person. That being said I am getting Sister Saunders!! I have honestly never really talked to her but she’s super cute and has red hair and I’m just excited because I know I have so much to learn from her. I’m really excited. Also….. I’m a Sister Training Leader HAHAHAHA WHAT?!? Honestly I’m pretty sure that’s a mistake cause I’m a baby and have no clue what I’m doing. I’m kinda scared and sad but I’m also excited. New things coming.

I don’t have much time to email today because we have zone activity!!! Which I’m super excited for. We are just going to play games and fun stuff like that. So if I don’t email everyone back individually I’m sorry but remember we get to talk in a week so i can answer many questions there. :)))))

I am so happy to be a missionary FOR REAL. What a blessing this is. We see little miracles everyday and I’m so happy to be here. I’m happy to be in YSA I love the people here. We sang in the ward choir this past week and I just looked out at the audience and got happy because I love everyone so much. They are all so individual and unique and I just love them so much. The work has been harder this week because campus is so slow and that’s where we are used to going but I’m a happy little petunia. Excited to talk to you all this upcoming Monday ahhhh!!! Christmas!!! So exciting. I really am going to miss sister ward though:( wow this is weird! Man I’m just grateful for her. We are so alike and have so much fun. Heavenly Father knows what we each need though so I just gotta trust in him. Man love you family talk to you next week!!!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd

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