Explanations on titles: I went on two exchanges this week back to back and one was for two days and I don’t even remember who my companion is…

Okay so i went to an area called Lithia/Valrico for the two day transfer and when you see people everyday two days feels like an eternity. Back round story I AM STRESSED WITH EVERYTHING. WHICH EQUALS ZITS. so obviously I’ve been like dumping proactive on my face. Which equals red dry skin. So I walk in to the church after being gone for two days so happy to see my friends and two elders are sitting on the couch and one is like all nice like “wow welcome back!!” And the other literally yells at me “YOU GOT SURNBURT!!!!” (Elder Carter you already know sister ward) hahahha I was dying but also like kinda embarrassed it was awkward after that.

It’s the new year that one is obvious

I was in a members house meeting with them and all of the sudden I hear the office theme song start playing from the other room. I promise that’s the most homesick I’ve been so far hahahaha. I’m not kidding.

Anyways family it was sooooo good to talk to you on Monday oh my I just love you all so much. That video you sent was fun cause I heard so much more than when we actually talked. Might I suggest individual Brittany Spears microphones for next time so I can hear you all. But still so good to see you all. It made my day seriously ah I just love you all so much. I feel bad I didn’t ask you guys any questions. I want to know how all of your Christmases went and especially for mom and dad who were empty nesters this year.

This week was seriously nuts. We had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) which is for all the STLs and Zone leaders and it was so good. Basically just like a zone conference but with more discussion. It was so good I learned a lot kind of. I feel like I was hardly here this week cause we had Christmas, then one normal day, then MLC, then weekly planning, then exchange exchange exchange so this week is all a blur and I don’t have much to say about it. But being a missionary is cool and I love it even though it’s hard sometimes. It makes me happy. Sorry this is a way lame email but my brain is like mush and I can’t think of anything super spiritual or cool to tell you this week. I am sorry. Hahah anyways peace and blessings I love you all see you next year!!!!

By the way miss you sister ward
Sending secret messages to you through my group email

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd,
Probably the only missionary in the world who is currently sitting in a Harry potter onesie

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