I Think I’m Getting the Black Lung, Pop…

Helloooooooooo family

Good week here in Tampa, besides the fact that it’s not Florida any more and it’s FREEZING. And I’m kind of sick but do not fret, tis but a minor cold. Well how is it going??? Campus IS ALIVE. And there are so many new people. We got to get them before they know what we’re doing 😉 seriously we have a reputation on campus hahah I’m more popular here than I was at my own school. At orientation apparently some people have literally been told to not talk to the guys in white shirts hahaha. Good thing that ain’t me. So funny.

This week was a week full of miracles. First of all last preparation day those pictures are from an adventure we went on! We went to a place called Lettuce Lake Park and it was SO COLD and RAINING but FUN!!!!!! Sadly we didn’t see any alligators but it was fun cause I felt like a real human doing something fun with my friends haha. But miracle we were going up to this look out point over the lake and we met this guy named Vince and he’s like 60s or 70s and he was bird watching. And us four talked to and taught him for like a good 20 minutes. It was so cool because we all taught together and it was super powerful. He was like I don’t even know why I’m talking to you I’m usually really shy and we were like CAUSE THE SPIRIT and then we gave him a Book of Mormon and at first he’s like I won’t read it. Then we taught him more about it and TESTIFIED you know you know. And then he was like wow this could Change my life. And we were like YEAH. And then he was like I’m taking this as a good Oman for the new year. And he was just such a cool guy I’m so happy we were there. I love people I used to hate people but now ah I just want to talk to everyone in the world.

Last week I met this couple that climbed Mount Fuji??? Like so cool. So many cool people in this world. The miracles didn’t stop there though. Tuesday we were walking on to campus and saw this guys car break down right in the middle of the road. We decided to go see if we could help. It was either a dead battery or out of gas (lol it was obviously gas) any way we called over some elders to come try and give him a jump. Didn’t work so they offered to go get him some gas. While they did we sat there in the middle of the road and taught him. He was so excited. We gave him a Book of Mormon. And he said he would read it. We asked him if we could say a prayer to help his car work again. We prayed and right when we opened our eyes the elders were right there with a gas can, and the car started again. He was so excited. We have a return appointment so I really hope he comes through. We had little things like that happen everyday this week. It’s been so cool. God looks out for his missionaries. He looks out for everyone but like ya know he loves his missionaries 😉

OKAY. A SQUIRREL LITERALLY CLIMBED MY LEG TWICE THIS WEEK. We got one on video hahahha you all will die. They were attacking us. One bit sister Saunders toe. It’s so hilarious they have no fear of humans anymore. Pretty soon the world will be over run by squirrels just you wait.

This week we did an exchange with some sisters that I JUST LOVE. Like seriously they just make my day they are hilarious. One has been having an obedience problem specifically with devices and my companion made me go with her so I could correct her obedience. I was so so so SO worried because I love this person and I am still a newbie and I don’t want to make her feel like a bad missionary or make her feel like I’m above her and know better than her. So I was just really nervous to bring it up. Anyways I prayed and prayed and prayed for help bringing it up in a good way that would make her feel loved and help her fix the problem. Anyway we were doing companion study and we read from this manual about how to use devices and I shared ways I want to work on being more obedient and how I struggle #relateable and then I asked her if there was any goals she wanted to set in regards to device use. First thing she said was the problem she had been having and she didn’t even know said problem was a rule! I was so grateful that the spirit was there and helped me do that with love and kindness. I didnt even need to do anything though! The Spirit made it known to her. Later that night while we were in bed she said “goodnight! Good job on your device goals today!” And then I said the same back to her. I’m grateful heavenly father hears our prayers and sends the spirit to help, guide, and comfort us.

ANYWAYS FAM. I love you all so much. I miss you tons. I’m happy to be a missionary and I’m happy campus is alive again. Hope you all have a fan-flipping-tastic week!!! Yayyyy!!!

P.s. I hit 4 months this week??!?!?!?!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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