When Your Investigator Gets Up and Raps in Institute…

Oh what a funny week. And a fast week. Another fast week. I don’t have much time today because we have SOME ACTIVITY DAY what what so excited. We gon play some foursquare and some signs. LET’S GO. They tell ya not to get competitive but I just can’t help it you know?

It’s been a funny week. So we have this investigator named Jun and he is just the cutest I just love him. He is from Korea and he is still trying to learn English so we have to teach so simply. It’s like he’s a child, he knows nothing about God at all really. So we taught him about the Godhead and about prayer and stuff and he said the closing prayer and it was the sweetest thing ever he goes “dear God, are you there??…. what’s next?” Hahah he’s so cute then throughout the week he texted us his prayer and asked us if he needed to modify or add to it hahah I just love him. He’s awesome. He has the deepest laugh and it’s just hilarious. It’s so rewarding teaching people who have zero idea about God, literally one lesson changes their life. He’s been to church twice now as well. The lesson we had with him was so cool too cause we had our friend Dong (in his words “like ding dong ya know?) From China there and our friend Brenda from Peru was there and they were all reading the Book of Mormon In their own languages but then we were talking about it in English so cool.

Concerning my subject line. You guys. You do not know. The funniest things happen here. It’s because I’m living the weirdest life hahah. Anyway we have two investigators at institute the other night and afterwards we are eating dinner. And one of our investigators apparently does Christian rap hahah and she asked us if she could do it in front of everyone and were like “hmmmmm maybe not?” Hahah. But then she asks the elders and they tell her to ask the institute secretary and she says yes hahaha. Karina is her name walks up to us and goes “okay I’m doing it you habe to introduce me to the class” hahaha I’m like okay sister Saunders you got this. And she’s like no both of you have to do it. Hahah so we both go up there in front of the class and just sit there for a minute cause we didn’t want to do it hahaha and then our other investigator came up and did it hahahha. So funny. Then she plugged her phone into the aux and played a beat and started rapping hahahha it was so flipping hilarious. Then at the end she goes “shall I end with a prayer?” And just starts praying hahahha people are hilarious.

The work here is finally picking up. Good things are coming. We had a MLC all about our real purpose as missionaries and it is gooooood. Trying to work even harder and open the gates of the celestial kingdom for all these USF students. I love the people here. Anyway Good week. I love and miss my family. Hope everything is good. TALK TO YOU NEXT WEEK!!!!!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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