I’m Getting Transferred…

I AM BEING TRANSFERRED. The long awaited news is finally here. I am getting moved to Gibsonia!!! (about a 45 minute drive east from where I currently am) Ahhhhhhhh. I will be with sister Bennett. I’m kinda scared but excited. I’m really going to miss YSA. This is my home with all my fav peeps, but apparently I need Gibsonia. So it will be EXCITING. I’ll be in the Lakeland Zone. Sister Saunders will be training!!! So is sister Burningham hahah, so exciting for them. There are two new sisters coming in and they will both be going to YSA. CRAZY.

Anyway… enough of that. This was a good week!!! As they all are. I’m having a hard time remembering what happened but I will try hahah. OH I LET SISTER BURNINGHAM CUT MY HAIR HAHAHAH. Don’t fret mom she just trimmed it. We went to cold stone to try and get this girl to come to FHE hahahha missionary work at its finest. Something really cool that happened this week. We invited a member to come on campus with us and draw out the plan of salvation and just talk to people about it. She brought another member and it was sooo good. We got to talk to a lot of cool people. People really connect to the plan of salvation so it’s super cool. We saw a lot of success from it. How lucky have I been to have the knowledge of the plan of salvation throughout my life. I can’t imagine living without that knowledge we are so blessed.

This week I went on an exchange to the hood haha temple terrace. It was crazy. Honestly I had no clue some people live like that in America. The saddest thing I saw was these two babies, couldn’t be over the age of 2 outside both just in diapers, playing with a dog, next to a busy street with not fence playing. With no adult anywhere to be seen. The closer we got we saw that one of the babies had blood all over his face. Just then the cops pulled up. But it was so sad. It made me so grateful for the childhood I had and for the blessing I had of being raised the way I was. THANKS PARENTS AND SIBLINGS. I’M SO GRATEFUL.

It’s been a good week. I’m excited and nervous for the things to come. I’m sad to leave all the investigators especially Jun and Kovar and I’ll miss YSA and I’ll miss being surrounded by missionaries all the time but I trust in the Lord and in my mission President and I know this is where I’m needed. WOW. HERE WE GO. love you fam. Miss you, I can’t think of anything else to say.

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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