Getting kicked out of neighborhoods like it’s my day job


Ah, hearing from you guys just makes me so happy and the sun in shininnnnnnn and our door is open letting some fresh air in. It’s good, it’s good.

OKAY. Fun fact: there is actually not a place called Gibsonia hahahaha. That’s just the name of the street our building is on. I’m in Lakeland city woot woot. Hahaha. A little bit about my area. Super awesome ward, they’ve all been very kind. Bishop asked me and the other new elder to bear our testimonies in sacrament!!!! Scary!!! This area has a little bit of everything old, young, rich, poor, suburbs, farms, redneck, normal people hahahha. But mainly there tons of old people. Like in my subject line, we literally got kicked out of a retirement community on Saturday it was hilarious. The man escorted us out in his mini van hahaha too funny. Satan tries so hard ya know? But people here are pretty receptive it’s pretty cool.

OKAY but let’s start from the beginning of the week. One of the funnest parts about being the apartment closest to the mission office is departing and incoming missionaries mwhahahhaah. It’s honestly cool to get to see the departing ones leave and the incoming ones come two days apart. It’s such a roller coaster of emotions for us hahaha at first we are so excited for these sisters to go home and see there families (and cough cough might make us a little trunky) and then the next night we get missionaries fresh out of the mtc hahaha maturity level a little different. Jk I love everyone, peace and blessings. And also it was sooooo fun because President and sister Cooper asked me and sister Saunders to go to the incoming missionary dinner at their house. It was so fun and cool. It seems like I was literally there yesterday and sometimes I feel like I know nothing but being there I was like yay I’ve grown a bit. There were 10 new elders and 2 new sisters and it was just hilarious I can’t describe I am so glad I’m not there anymore and never have to go back hahah.

It’s so weird because like the moment I got into my new area I just loved people haha. It’s like instant. The first time I meet someone I just love them. Honestly it weirds me out. It’s cool though because it just confirms to me that I’m meant to be here.

Anyway it was a good week. I’m re-adjusting to this type of missionary life hahah normal missionary life. It takes a little more effort but is so fulfilling. I’m glad I’m here I already can’t imagine the life I’d live without my mission #grateful

Things I’ve learned so far in this area
1. Literally who you marry can make or break your life and it’s scary (my sisters did so well)
2. GOD’S TIMING. I feel like this is just a theme for my whole mission. His timing is perfect and I don’t think I could ever say it enough
3. I’ve been so blessed to be in the family I’m in
4. I actually enjoy and look forward to reading my scriptures now hahah its never been like that (hate on it okay?? Sorry I’m not perfect)
5. Anyone is deserving of this gospel

Alright have a good week fam love and miss you thanks for being so AMAZING and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY
I love you all so much like I don’t even need valentines day really

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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