Hi family!! I miss you

This was a fun week but I will just give you the highlights. I went on an exchange in a Spanish speaking area! Woot woot. It was so much fun. My companion for the day taught me how to pray in Spanish and how to say some other things. I am practicing 😉 Spanish people are so cool and so receptive they literally all just let us into their homes it was so cool. And although I had zero clue what anyone was talking about I could still feel the spirit and it was super cool. My companion told me I actually have really good accent when I speak. I mean it’s not a big deal or anything but like it’s pretty cool that she said that.

I also went on another exchange to the most North part of our mission. Most North also means the closest to Disney world. From their apartment you can see the Ferris wheel and the fireworks at night hahah living the dream. They know they’re about to go too far if they see animal kingdom haha so fun.

We had some super good lessons this week with some of our investigators. It’s so cool to have lessons in members homes the spirit is so strong there. I am ashamed to admit it but this Sunday was the first time I’ve ever bore my testimony in church without being asked. Go me!!!!!! I talked about the divine nature of families and that it is only through the gospel that we can receive true happiness. It was alright haha. BUT I have a challenge for my fam: I dare you all to bear your testimonies next fast Sunday. Every single one of you. I will list your names just so you understand I am talking to you. Russ, Janette, Brandon, Megan, Chris, Nichole, Robby, and Stephanie. I will remind you again and I will be following up so you all better do it. 

There are good things coming here I can feel it. I’m excited. I’m grateful to be Mormon honestly and grateful to be a missionary. I really do know that the joy we find while living the gospel is a true and everlasting happiness that can’t be replicated. I love you all and miss you!!!!! You’re the best fam ever.

P.s. zone activity day today again hahah emails will probably be short I apologize.

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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