My Life is Weird…


OKAY. First of all huge miracle this week. We have kind of been teaching a members grandson who is visiting. His parents are less active so every time he comes to visit grandma he’s so excited to go to church. So we taught him a couple times but didn’t really think anything would come from it. But one morning we were doing personal study and we heard our phone go off like 80 times but just waited to look at it after. When we went to look at it it was this member saying that his parents have finally given him permission to be baptized whole he’s here and they want him to be baptized a week from that day and want him to have all the lessons as soon as possible. Hahahah what. People who have served missions probably know that that does not happen hahah. She was like can you be here tonight? Hahah and were like eh yeah. But it’s been such a privilege to teach Jacob. He is so sweet. He’s 11 and is just so excited he just soaks up the gospel. It’s my favorite thing in the world teaching him. It’s also really cool to see his grandma teach him the gospel. Makes me excited to teach my children. His baptism will be this Thursday and we will be sure to send tons of pics!

One day we went out finding for basically the whole day. And I’m not kidding we did not talk to one normal person all day hahah. They were all crazy. They are children of God and I love them but they were still crazy. Sister Bennett and I made a video talking about a few of them I will try to Send it. But at the end of the day we came home and I was thinking about all the crazy people and just how confused they all were. And how I’m not confused at all. It made me so grateful for this gospel and how with it I don’t have to be confused about anything. I know who my Father in Heaven is. I know who my Savior is. I know why I’m on this earth. I know where I’m going after this life. I know who I am! We are so incredibly blessed to know all that we do.<

Anyway I think that’s a pretty good sum up of this week. I love you all!! Miss you so much. I’M GOING TO A TRAMPOLINE PARK TODAY AND A MEMBER OWNS IT SO WE GET IN FOR FREE IM SO EXCITED. Have a good week!!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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