Rattle Snake Rapids

Only Lagoon goers will understand my subject line, but seriously – some people here sound like that.

OKAY SOOPRISE SOOPRISE SOOPRISE. We got transfer calls and sister Bennett and I will be staying together. BUT we will be training!!! we are so excited. I have to give up having my own bathroom and closet but its okay I guess. so we will be in a trio and we don’t know who we are getting until the meeting Thursday. so that’s really exciting. I will be helping one missionary adjust to missionary life and helping one missionary get ready to go home so that will be interesting for me haha.

Jacob was baptized this week!! Oh man it was so much fun to see him be baptized. It really was such a blessing to be able to teach him. We asked him how he felt after and he said he felt amazing haha hes so cute. he was so ready to be baptized. We told him he was the newest member of the church and he was just so shocked hahah hes so cute. I wish you all could meet him. they are actually going to Utah I think in June maybe you could! It’s cool to see the gospel through his eyes because he is just so amazed by everything. the gospel really is that amazing but sometimes we get used to it. Ah I just love him.

This week I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time on my mission. I just want to tell you all that I know the Book of Mormon is true and that I know by reading it we will not only find so much more peace and stability in our lives but we will also develop a closer relationship with our Savior and with our families. grateful for that book.

This week we had a lot of cool finding miracles ill share a few with you. One day we were on our way to go to this neighborhood to go finding. and on the way there sister Bennett had the brilliant idea to go visit a potential investigator we had. Well we went and he was in his garage working and we stopped and talked to him for a minute but he was like I have to work – bye. So we just walked around that neighborhood we turn a corner and see a guy and what he think is his daughter sitting in the garage (Floridians have a weird thing for garages) and we start talking to them. This man lived in salt lake for a while like 40 years ago, has been to the tabernacle and the DAY before we met him he was doing research and reading the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses hahahahh who does that. He was like wow that’s a pretty big coincidence that you would come here the day after I was researching that. Really cool! Another one we met this guy last night from Jamaica and he was just a super happy nice guy and he was like oh I used to have a ton of Mormon friends in Jamaica and we would get together and talk about our beliefs and things like that. So cool. I just love seeing how the Lord places us exactly where he needs us. BLESSINGS.

Anyways love you fam have a glorious week I miss you

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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