Ahhhhh, Sister Kettle is here!!!!!! She’s our new comp and i just love her to death. She is so much fun. She is from American Fork and is literally just the cutest human. I’m so grateful she’s with us. It’s been so fun having a new missionary and being reminded of how I felt when I first came out. She’s already doing so good though. We are so blessed. I hope I can teach her how to be a missionary hahah. GRATEFUL. We are a lot alike.  She watched “This is Us” so you already know we’re bff’s. Also, she loves Harry potter. This week sister Bennett asked us to explain every single Harry potter movie to her hahah. I’m honestly surprised because I literally know every scene and can quote the whole thing. They were scared when I sang …come hear us where our voices sound we cannot sing above the ground. An hour long you’ll have to look to discover what we took. I’m so good haha.

We had a ton of finding time this week hahah so many people bailed on lessons and things like that. We are like welcome to mission life sister kettle hahahah. She’s been a trooper. This week I asked a guy what his name was and he told us we didn’t need to know hahah super funny. I’m driving now #grateful sister Bennett was the scariest driver hahah love her though.

I’m super excited for general conference this weekend! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I received my answer to serve a mission last April general conference. I think that’s one of my favorite things, asking questions before general conference. They’re almost always answered and it’s like they’re speaking right to me/all of us. So everyone remember to watch it.

Honestly nothing really crazy happened this week. OH just kidding miracle. I’ve been thinking about the most efficient way to find and I feel really strongly that former investigators are a great way to do it. So we were out in the boonies and it started pouring rain and there was lightening. We had zero clue what to do. So we prayed and opened up our area book. We had a feeling to go visit this lady named Gidget so we drive over there run to her doorstep to find she’s sitting in her garage. She let us in and we were able to have a little lesson with her. Super cool. The Spirit is real folks. Anyway I love you all hope you have a magnificent week. Miss you!!!!!!!!!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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