Heyyyy Fam

This was a super funny week. One hilarious story. We were out contacting and it was like 8:30PM, so it was dark. We are talking to this guy and all of the sudden mid conversation a mosquito lands straight on Sister Kettles head. I could not let it sit there so I smacked it and blood got all over my hand and sister kettles face hahah the guy we were talking to just started busting up laughing and we just like ran away, hahaha. Hopefully it was her own blood. We also were like totally out of miles so we had to bike a ton this week. Hello thunder thighs.

Okay, General Conference was so good. I think I felt the spirit the most I ever have at a General Conference. Honestly, it was so cool. The spirit was so strong as we stood to sustain our Prophet. Seriously can’t help but think we thank thee o God for our prophet like all the time since the first session. Really though, how blessed are we. A lot of cool changes. The work is hastening a lot. It’s exciting to see. We watched the sessions at different members homes.

Today again we went to the trampoline park. So much fun. I definitely still got it if anyone was wondering. Anyways, I don’t have much else to say. Happy Easter by the way!! Such a happy day. Love you all and miss you

Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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  1. Ditto to everything you said about conference. There is no equivalent to having a living prophet. And It is not everyday you get to save your companion from a killer mosquito. Good work. I so love your beautiful happy spirit.

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