My Fammmmmm

Hello. This week is seriously all a blur and I don’t really know what happened. But I will try to do my best to update you. We had zone conference this week and it went really well. It was all about teaching and finding. Two kind of important things in missionary work 😉 also how did the testimonies go??? I told you I would follow up. I sense none of you did it.

We had a cool miracle this week. We got a member referral from a member in Utah. We went over to meet her and she’s the cutest thing. She’s 4’10 and 19 and is just so excited about the church. She loves like everything about it and just loves Mormons. One member family had such a big impact on her it made he want to join the church. We are still teaching her but she has told us she’s planning on being baptized. We are so excited for her. She’s just so cool.

I went on exchange with a sister this week who was trained in Gibsonia and had a ton of success. She had 5 baptisms in her time in this ward and left a little less than a year ago. This was her last exchange on her mission and it was in the area she was trained in. We went to visit two of the people she baptized and it was so cool. They are both preparing to go to the temple and be endowed. It was such a cool thing to witness. She truly changed their life and since she left they have continued to progress and soak up the gospel. I hope I can find people like that.

I was craving otter pops so I just bought a ton. I’m getting my hair done today. Say a prayer for me I am nervous. Alright well that’s about all. I’ve been focusing on listening to promptings in receive this transfer and it’s been really cool.  When we listen to even the littlest promptings something amazing can happen. Anyway well love you family miss you all like crazy. Hope you have a good week!!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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