Sunshine In My Soul!!!! And Everywhere Else… It’s Hot


I feel like I have so much to tell you all this week. First of all zone activity day at Circle B Bar was sooo much fun. I saw gators, turtles, snakes, lots of weird birds, bunnies, fish, sadly we didn’t see any wild hogs but apparently they are there. But yes so fun. It was really cool cause we got there a little early and started walking around a found a little book trade box thing and we decided to write our testimonies in the back of the Book of Mormon and then put it in there! We did and by the time we had gone through the whole park (2 hours later) someone had taken it!!! We were SO excited. Really cool. Maybe something will come from it! Super fun. It’s fun to be around missionaries.

This week sister kettle and I had an exchange with Sister terry!! Love that girl. Anyway we had planned to bike for most of the day (low on miles sos) but then we saw sister terry we remembered she hurt her wrist from falling off her bike and had a cast on so she couldn’t hahaha. So we (mainly me) stupidly decided to walk instead to our appointment!! Great time to talk to people right?? No. So we start walking on our journey. Like this place is a lot farther away than it seems. So we start walking and like 5 minutes into our walk we are cutting through a Sam’s club parking lot and all the sudden a member pulls up and is like “what are you doing??? Do you want a ride??” Such a blessing haha. We get in. She was like I didn’t even need to go to Sam’s club I don’t know why I pulled into the parking lot! I guess needed to give you a ride!” Seriously biggest blessing. We had some time before our other appointment so we stopped by another member living in the same complex. She was so happy to see us cause her phone hadn’t been working and she didn’t know how to fix it and couldn’t get a hold of anyone. And also blessing sister terry was with us and she had the same kind of phone sister terry had so she could fix it. Anyway we have our lessons and then we start the trek back. Literally its taking so long. It was so hot and just awful. And we literally saw 2 people. I also began to notice that sister kettle wasn’t feeling too well. We still had a really long way to go. So we stopped and sat down for a break. We happened to be right next to a members home so we texted her but noticed she wasn’t home so we just sat for a minute. Said about 8000 prayers. Then the member texts us back and said she just got home and asked if we were still near by. We had been walking for about an hour and half and probably had about 45 minutes left. So it was seriously the biggest blessing. It was just really cool cause although we didn’t really get to talk to people God was so aware of us and placed the members exactly where they needed to be and placed us exactly where we needed to be. It was so cool. God is soooo good.

This email is way too long. But I just thought I would tell you it’s hot and I’m dying and just like so sweaty and nasty all the time and it’s April!!!! Yay!!!! Someone help hahahah. Anyway love and miss you all. Have a good week!


❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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