Miracle Week

Hi Family!!!!

Okay forewarning i am really not in the mood to email so all my emails may be way lame today. Im sorry but you cannot blame me. WE JUST GOT TRANSFER CALLS. Whats going to happen this transfer you may ask???? Well i am staying in Gibsonia with SISTER KETTLE!!!! Woot woot so excited. Were gonna have tons of fun i cant wait. Sister Bennett is going home!! Ahhhhhh. Tomorrow we will take her to the mission office and say goodbye. Going to be pretty crazy. (Her homecoming is mothers day if anyone wants to go.) But yes i am exctied for this next transfer. My 6th one!!! The halfway transfer. Pretty crazzzzy.

We have had a lot of really cool things happening. For most of this transfer it has felt like a struggle to find people to teach, but this week the Lord has blessed us for our hard work and patience. This week we had 2 member meals where members invited friends who they wanted us to teach. One we have started teaching. The other are unfortunately snow birds who left this week back home. But it was so cool to be able to do that. It really is so much better when an investigator has an immediate support system. We had a couple other really cool experiences. We went to go stop by a Book of Mormon referral who lived on the third floor of an apartment building, unfortunately she wasn’t home. But Sister Bennett had a feeling that someone was there who would listen to us. So we began to knock. Knocked all the doors on the third floor, no success. Knocked all the doors on the second floor, again not much success. Down to the first floor. Finally we had one door left. We knocked and the woman opened the door. And let us in and we were able to share parts of the restoration and plan of salvation with them. So cool. First floor, last door HAHA. Then we later went back again to the referral and we gave her The Book of Mormon and shared the restoration with her. She just kept repeating “I’m so prepared to read this!!” It was a really cool experience.

This week we made sister Bennett get dip’n dots for the first time in her life. As expected it was a life changing moment for her. Okay nothing else to say i think. I love you all and miss you like flipping crazy. Excited to skype in 2 weeks!!! Wpot woot. Love you fam



❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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