May is The Month!

Hi Familia,

How is everything going?? Everything here is good. This week has been loco but so fun. Took sister Bennett home. That day was crazy i think i had more butterflies than she did I don’t know why it was just so crazy and now she’s just poof gone. So weird. We miss her and we have like zero clue what we are doing but WE ARE DOING IT. We rearranged our house for just two people. That was fun. Like everyday is just insane cause we are just winging it trying to do what the Lord wants us to do ya know? I think this transfer will have a lot of opportunities for me to grow which is good but also scary.

This week we had a whole mission conference and Elder Klibingat from the 70 came. It was crazyyyy. The spirit was really strong and I learned so much like afterward my head was just spinning. But I’m excited to apply things he talk me to my missionary work. He is like insane. He has more scriptures memorized than anyone I’ve ever met. He just like spits them out its crazy. We asked the number of scriptures he had memorized and he said he has zero clue but its in the 4 digits hahhaha. Okay. It made me want to know my stuff. I gotta be able to answer peoples questions so thats something I’m trying to work on. It was really cool. I don’t even know what to say but I could listen to him like all day and would not stop learning haha. One of my favorite things he talked about was that the mission goes so much further beyond the 18 months. Everything I’m learning here can and will apply to my future life which is cool to remember.

Okay i hate to be that person that casually mentions its their birthday so people tell them happy birthday. But honestly sad its my birthday this week. I dont want to be in my 20s that is disgusting. I will never be a teenager again. Very sad. But i guess the 20s will be okay too. Mom and dad. No more teenagers… how do you feel???? Old??? I do. I think im still 15 though sometimes.

MOTHERS DAY. You know what that means. Sister Kettle and I were thinking we would do it around 6:20. How does that sound? Thats 4:20 your time. Blaze it. Hahha kidding. Anyway I’m so excited to talk to you all again. Seems like it was just yesterday’s this is all going by so fast. I don’t think I’ll cry this time. Im just excited. Love you all!!! See you Sunday!!!!!!!


❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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