Hi Fam,

This was a good week. lots of exciting things are happening here in the GIBSONIA WARD!!! we have some exciting people we are working with and everytime I get to share the gospel with them it just brings me so much happiness. God is too good.

Few hilarious things this week:

I was on exchange with Sister Barlow one of my fav people and it started pouring rain so we decided to go mall to go contacting. We walked into Dillards and saw the cutest girl ever standing by the make up counter so we decided to go talk to her. We were just having a good conversation about her work and disney princesses, things like that. Then Sister Barlow compliments her eyebrows and then the lady goes DO YOU WANT ME TO DO YOURS??? SISTER BARLOW GOES “SURE” AND THEN SAYS “GO AHEAD SISTER TODD” uhhhh hahah. so i sit down just like so weirded out like should I be doing this. Then she gets out like a make up wipe and wipes off my eyebrows and was so confused for like a solid 2 minutes cause nothing was coming off of them. then i just go “yeah theyre just really dark” hahah. then she fills in my brows!! ahhhaah it was too funny. as she is filling them in i start thinking hmmm a member works her at the make up counter at dillards. i kid you not two seconds later the member walks up behind me ahhah ughhhhh. I was like of course this would happen haaha. but we did get to talk to her about what we did and stuff as missionaries and the member talked to her about it too so it ended up being pretty good and i looked fab so like it turned out alright.

I had about the worst experience of my life the other day. We were SO LOW on miles for the month so we decided to bike to a neighborhood and then to a members house for dinner. we are driving down the street when all of the sudden it feels like we are riding our bikes through a sandstorm. it was the weirdest thing. it just felt like all this sand was hitting me. Look down at my shirt/body I AM COMPLETELY COVERED IN BUGS. THE THING THAT FELT LIKE SAND WAS ACTUALLY BUGS HITTING MY BODY. ugh it was awful and we would stop and brush them off then drive another 2 ft and be covered again. Florida guys.

Small story. everytime you walk outside your slacks feel like you just got them out of the dryer. oh my worst feeling hahaha

I just complained a ton but I love Florida with my whole heart and I love being a missionary with my whole heart. this work is just so fun. I am beyond GRATEFUL and blessed to be here. Thanks for all you do for me family I LOVE YOU ALL and miss you so much. HAVE A GOOD WEEK

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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