When your sad about your fam being in Mexico and Heavenly Father sends you 8 puppies

Hola to my fam who yes went to mexico without me

Honestly really sad to be honest. But I will survive. Also a little confused about why all my sisters and 5 year old nieces have colored hair hahha. ANYWAY I AM STAYING HERE IN GIBSONIA. And I recieved Sister Redd straight from the mtc!! I love her lots already. Shes from north Ogden utah, went to Weber high and then USU. She is going into graphic design so we get along pretty well 😊 she is the oldest in her fam. Shes super cute. Just a really great missionary already I am BLESSED. I’m excited to serve in Gibsonia for another transfer and to be with Sister Redd. I already miss sister kettle tons man i love her. I’m excited for her though. She went down to Sarasota with her MTC comp who was sister wards trainee hahaha. AND sister ward came up to lakeland and is my sister training leader comp!!!!! What what. I love her so much. I love all my comps so much ive been beyond blessed.

Yesterday we were out finding and we were walking past a field when all of the sudden 8 puppies start running towards us. I was in heaven. Blessings from heavenly father. They were so cute.

I don’t have much else to say. The work is really picking up which is exciting and the ward is still the best here. And really good and exciting things to look forward to. This transfer I’m trying to work on charity. Such an important attribute.

Challenge to my fam: do something nice out of the norm for someone in Mexico who isn’t your spouse. Let me know how it goes. I really just love my mission honestly the people I’ve met have truly changed my life and I am so grateful. GOD IS GOOD. LIFE IS GOOD.

Talk to you next week!

Happy late fathers day dad!!!! Truly the best of the best and anyone who knows him knows thats true.

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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