Yay America!

SADLY. I do not have much time today because we have a zone activity. Its going to be really fun. We are going to have a little 4th of July BBQ, play some spike ball, then go see some gators!!! I’m excited.

It was a way good week. Very busy. We had specialized missionary training and exchanges. Specialized training is way fun cause we get to go downtown Tampa and contact people and SEE THE OCEAN. I’ve been land locked for way too long 😉 and get lots of training’s which is something I actually enjoy now. Its so funny ask me a year ago to sit in a church for 11 hours and i will start crying but now i can’t get enough of it hahah.

The work is going well. Sister Kettle and I taught this amazing woman a while back and we had to refer her cause she moved and yesterday she texted me and just thanked us for sending the elders and for teaching her cause its changing her life. A really cool, rewarding moment. Although I did nothing really hahah. But it was cool. I’m grateful this gospel changes lives. Mainly mine. Anyway i’m really sweaty all the time and it usually ends up raining on us but I having fun and i love this work, it truly is the lords work. Miss you so much fam!! Love you!!!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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