A Delightful Week

In George Orwell’s book titled 1984. He told the story of big brother and one thing big brother did was take away many many words from the dictionary. OKAY YOU WERE RIGHT ORWELL WELCOME TO 2018. The government didn’t take the words away but we did. This week sister Redd and I realized we use words like “good, great, bad, cool, awesome” WAY too much. So I’m trying to be creative with my words so hopefully it will spice up my emails a bit too. And yes i did take Honors English *hair flip*

As I said a delightful week, as most are. Missionary work is just weird and fun and always an adventure. This week we talked to a lot of people who were super argumentative and tried to tell us how wrong we were and stuff. And the cool thing is I always walk away with a stronger testimony. I’m so grateful for the knowledge we have of the restoration and I’m grateful I don’t have to be confused about anything. BLESSINGS.

My whole mission I’ve noticed that true obedience brings blessings. And its not just for missionary work no way no way. The past two weeks I’ve been trying really hard to think of someone I know, anywhere in the world, who truly truly strives their hardest to live the gospel and who isn’t some what successful in their life. OBEDIENCE BRINGS BLESSINGS. It tells us that in the Book of Mormon about a thousand times but I don’t think it clicked until I really thought about it. If we live the gospel we will be able to be happy, have family, have a job, and all that other jazz. Of course our lives won’t be perfect but they will be happy. Mosiah 2:41, Alma 36:1, Alma 50:20. And many many more. BLESSED AND HAPPY. Yay

Okay well I love you fam. I’m never bored here. I think i might like salad now too. WHO KNEW?? Except for only drenched in dressing. I think i just like the dressing now that i think about it. HAVE A SPECTACULAR WEEK I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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