Love Emailing

I love you all, but emailing can be tough. Creating subject lines is even harder. I don’t hate reading emails though, I love that so keep it coming. Also this one is going to be shorter because we have ZONE ACTIVITY in Brandon so I will be leaving soon. It’ll be fun. We will be making gingerbread houses BOOK OF MORMON STYLE. And doing a white elephant and playing fun games. Yay i love missionaries.

Brandon’s Baptism is this next Sunday. Going to be the best Christmas present to watch him be baptized. He is SO excited to be baptized and is just excited about the gospel. It’s so cool to see. At his baptism he wants to sing Joy to the World and Put your Shoulder to the Wheel hahahaha. He is such a good guy. And his member girlfriend is amazing also. They blow me away. I love people who just have the gospel running through their veins.

This week I have just felt a huge sense of gratitude for the Book of Mormon. I am getting close to finishing President Nelson’s challenge to the sisters and it has been so cool. I have truly been able to see that the Book of Mormon truly is another testament of Christ. It’s on every page. I love the Book of Mormon and know it is true and good. I’m thankful for this gospel and the joy it brings me and for the joy it brings those I’m teaching and those I meet everyday. I love being a missionary.

Anyway love you all!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

P.s. shout out to the Springwood ward for the adorable notes. I missed you guys more than I realized. I LOVE YOU ALL

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