Tres Amigos

Alright most insane week of my life hahahh but lots of exciting things to write about!

Trio life?
Alright first of all I’m in a trio now!! My darling darling little warrior best friend Sister Kettle was very very sick and had to come home. It broke my heart. But I know she was the missionary the Lord wanted her to be and honestly accomplished becoming pure in heart. And she’s getting the medical help that she needs. I LOVE HER. So now we are with sister Mizuba! Living in my old apartment… weird. And she was serving in YSA as well as the temple terrace ward so for no more than 3 weeks I will be too! But it has been a lot of fun to serve in a trio and we are seeing many many miracles.

YES my favorite human Brandon got baptized yesterday and it was amazing. He has been waiting for this day for a while. As soon as he came out of the water he smiling so much and then flexed as he walked out hahah. He honestly is going to be such an amazing member and I’m so grateful I was able to play a small small role in his conversion.

One really cool miracle. We decided to go caroling with some of the members in the YSA ward. There was about 6 or so that came with us. We had the hardest time deciding where to go so we were just going through our options but none of the places were producing much fruit. So we went to one final place and started caroling. This place was set up amazingly, in some sections there was like an inner square with 4 apartment doors facing each other so we would knock all 4 at one time and then start singing in the middle. It was awesome!! Then we just sang as we walked out and saw a window open in the dark. We stood there and sang. Then 2 woman came out the front door. We walked over and continued to sing. Then when we stopped she thanked us and told us we sounded like angels and we asked if we could share a video with her. We shared Light your faith. She had tears in her eyes and opened up and started telling us how it is almost the anniversary of some deaths in her family and how she has been praying for angels. She was so amazed that we came. She knew we were sent by God. Then the MEMBERS invited them to church and the mom said she had work but then a couple seconds later said she would call in because she needed to be there. Then the MEMBERS asked if we could sing another song and then the MEMBERS asked if we could leave her with a prayer!! Wow it was truly an amazing experience. I am personally grateful for the experience but I’m especially grateful that the members saw that we all can truly be answers to prayers and help people when need it most. And that they got to see that missionary work is fun! It was amazing. BLESSINGS. I LOVE THE YSA WARD.

This week we also got the wonderful privilege of going to the Orlando temple. I LOVE the temple. Honestly the temple full of missionaries that I love so much is even cooler. There is so much peace and clarity that comes from the temple. You should all go.

Also have a conference talk I think you all should read its called Swallowed up in the will of the Father in October 1995. GO READ IT. I’m so happy to be a missionary at this Christmas time. It’s all about Christ. REMEMBER THAT!! love you all!! Talk to you tomorrow!!!

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