Well Planned, Poorly Executed

Subject line describes our week. Hahhaha. We are a mess! Who knew covering 3 areas would be so hard?? My favorite part of the week was when I woke up to a beautiful 6:20 alarm clock and sit up out of bed and then BAM smack my head on the ceiling fan ❤ (i sleep on the top bunk) hahahah we actually had a good laugh and it didn't hurt too bad so we're all good.

But yes this week was LITERALLY insane but so so good at the same time. First of all Christmas was amazing. Probably one of the best of my life. It was so so fun to talk to my family and also fun to spend time at the mission presidents house but the best part was the evening. We threw together a little get together for some of the people we were teaching and some of the members who didn't get to be home with family on this day. It was soooo good. I can't even describe it. We shared stories and videos of Christ and bore testimony, ate waffles, and played some games. The love in the room was so so strong. We were expecting about 6 people to come but had 14 people show up. It was such a blessing. It was hard to put together a party as a missionary hahah but it turned out so good. I love these people so much.

The other insane part of the week was this kid named Jayden's baptism! You may ask: "why is that insane gabby?" LET ME TELL YOU. So long story but this kid Jayden is literally the cutest most pure in heart thing and so ready to be baptized but because of some little details and other peoples decisions the bishop and mission president decided on Thursday night that Jayden would have to postpone his baptism for a couple weeks. We called and it about destroyed the family. (And us). But then Friday night some new details came out that would help Jayden be baptized!! This wonderful senior couple, our mission president, and Jayden's grandparents all worked together and did not give up and then we got permission for jayden to be baptized sunday!!!! Then we had to plan a baptism in one day! We met him for his interview and he said to us "when I found out I couldn't be baptized, I was sad. But then I prayed for a miracle and now I get to be baptized!" WHAT FAITH IN THIS 10 YEAR OLD. His baptism was so so amazing. I'm so happy for him I know this is going to bless his life so much and he is already preparing to serve a mission. It was so so happy.

ANYWAY Happy new year everyone!!!! I think 2019 is going to be one of the best yet. IM SO EXCITED. I love you all and miss you so much!!!!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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