Pizza For 5 Meals In a Row…

Honestly you know its been a good week when you have pizza for 5 meals in a row. I have no regrets. This week was way fun. THE STUDENTS ARE BACK!!! I forgot that contacting on campus is so different. Its like the biggest pain when you want to talk to everyone but there are literally hundreds of people around you. Really gotta figure out how to do that again.

We have an amazing new friend named Zeyna. She is so so cool. A member in the Carollwood ward has gotten her hair done by her for a long while and everytime she went she would pray for a way to share the gospel with her. And one day as she was doing the members hair Zeyna just started crying and sharing how she felt she was distant from God. Then the member introduced her to the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS woot woot. And told her about the missionaries. First my good good friend Sister Terry was teaching her and then we did a pass off lesson which was hilarious let me tell you. 5 sister missionaries meet up to go teach Zeyna. As we walk in we are greeted with a kiss by her roommate from Morocco. Then as we walk into the apartment we see Zeyna in the middle of the living room doing this 65 + year old womans hair. Hair is all over the ground. Hahahah then we all gather around the woman ready to teach a lesson. And there I am sitting with 4 other missionaries and our darling friend Zeyna, circling around our good old friend patricia as she got her braids done. Meanwhile Zeynas roommate begins to cook french fries and chicken. Just as we open the Book of Mormon to read. Fire alarms start blaring. We stop them. They go again. This happened many times until our friend from Morocco (Wafaa is her name) and Zeyna are both so mad at the fire alarm they get a wet towel and wrap it around the alarm. But they can’t get it to stay. So they just ripped it off the ceiling and we were able to continue hahaha. And there we were 5 sisters missionaries reading the Book of Mormon with these people. It was awesome. Patricia didn’t really participate much but at the end we asked her if she wanted the book we were reading from and she said she would love that! We also gave a Book of Mormon to our friend Wafaa. It was really really cool. Crazy and hilarious but super sweet. THE BOOK OF MORMON IS THE TOOL OF CONVERSION. I love the Book of Mormon and I love the people here sooooo much. Also grateful for members who are continually seeking to share the gospel.

Anyway I am done now. We are going to do fun things in down town tampa. So I love you all! Have a good week!

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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