There’s a Rhythm and Rush These Days

Hi family ❤

I miss you!!!! This was a good week. I don't really remember what happened. But… WE SET A DATE WITH TOM!!!! Woot woot. He is incredible. He will be baptized February 24th. (Selfishly want to move it up a week but that day should be perfect). It is so amazing. He is just prepared! And the members have just taken him in it is so so cool.

Can I just say I love the Book of Mormon??? Sometimes we have weird schedules and don't get to do personal study and that happened like 3 times this week and those days that I don't have personal set aside time to study the scriptures are harder! The Book of Mormon just makes life better. I know it is true. THERE IS NO WAY IT CAN'T BE. i love it sooo much. I just like the gospel. Honestly I'm just kind of rattling off right now because I don't have much to say but don't want you guys to be sad about a short email.

We're going bowling today. This week I woke up and went into the bathroom BAM creepy cockroach on my ground. Then BAM here comes me with my converse and SMACK. Got em. And accidentally sliced him in half and there was like black goop all over my floor it was pretty gross. OH WORST PART OF THE WEEK. THEY TOOK MY QUEEN SIZED BED FOR A SENIOR COUPLE. AND SISTER NESTMAN STILL HAS HERS. That thing was heavenly. It is greatly missed. Anyway I'll stop now. Love you all!!!!! See you soon 😉

❤Sister Gabrielle Diane Todd
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