My Life is Weird…

HEY FAMILY OKAY. First of all huge miracle this week. We have kind of been teaching a members grandson who is visiting. His parents are less active so every time he comes to visit grandma he's so excited to go to church. So we taught him a couple times but didn't really think anything would... Continue Reading →


Hi family!! I miss you This was a fun week but I will just give you the highlights. I went on an exchange in a Spanish speaking area! Woot woot. It was so much fun. My companion for the day taught me how to pray in Spanish and how to say some other things. I... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday MAMA CITA!!

FIRST OF ALL HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA CITA!!!!! WOOT WOOT. I HOPE TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVER. I can't believe you're finally in the 40s... time just blows my mind. Really though, have a good day mom I love and miss you. Someone go play tennis with her. I just made Costa Vida ranch dressing... Continue Reading →

I’m Getting Transferred…

I AM BEING TRANSFERRED. The long awaited news is finally here. I am getting moved to Gibsonia!!! (about a 45 minute drive east from where I currently am) Ahhhhhhhh. I will be with sister Bennett. I'm kinda scared but excited. I'm really going to miss YSA. This is my home with all my fav peeps, but... Continue Reading →

This is an Email…

Hi EVERYONE Fastest week of my life holy moly. I literally don't remember anything hahaha. One of the funniest things that happened this week. We had a Korean investigator at church and one of the Chinese members grabbed him and sat by him right behind us and then I sat by the other sisters Chinese... Continue Reading →

Go Bulls!

Hi Family, Kind of uneventful week. I will however try to make this letter worth the read some how hahah. This week we had zone conference and it was gooood. I love listening to President Cooper talk. Sister Saunders and I also gave a beast training. Its always fun to see a million missionaries. We... Continue Reading →

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