I’m Getting Transferred…

I AM BEING TRANSFERRED. The long awaited news is finally here. I am getting moved to Gibsonia!!! (about a 45 minute drive east from where I currently am) Ahhhhhhhh. I will be with sister Bennett. I'm kinda scared but excited. I'm really going to miss YSA. This is my home with all my fav peeps, but... Continue Reading →

This is an Email…

Hi EVERYONE Fastest week of my life holy moly. I literally don't remember anything hahaha. One of the funniest things that happened this week. We had a Korean investigator at church and one of the Chinese members grabbed him and sat by him right behind us and then I sat by the other sisters Chinese... Continue Reading →

Go Bulls!

Hi Family, Kind of uneventful week. I will however try to make this letter worth the read some how hahah. This week we had zone conference and it was gooood. I love listening to President Cooper talk. Sister Saunders and I also gave a beast training. Its always fun to see a million missionaries. We... Continue Reading →


HEY FAM. Explanations on titles: I went on two exchanges this week back to back and one was for two days and I don't even remember who my companion is... Okay so i went to an area called Lithia/Valrico for the two day transfer and when you see people everyday two days feels like an... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Hello!!!!! I can't wait to talk to you later!!!! Ahh yay I miss you guys so much I'm going to cry. It will be around 5. Don't freak out if I'm a couple minutes late. I'll be able to see all of you at the same time right??? Not going to lie I miss sister... Continue Reading →

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